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Aiko's Character Updates

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Aiko's Character Updates Empty Aiko's Character Updates

Post by Yuji on Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:50 am

Aiko's updates that will be made, as my character develops.
    [b]Character Update:[/b]
    [b]Unique Info:[/b] Any info you may want to include when posted if none put N/A
    [b]Link to OC Sheet: Link to your characters original character sheet.[/b]

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name: Aiko Tsukiyomi (Shinsuke??)
Nickname: Kaz or Kazue

Gender: Female
Race: Undead/Vampire, Dragon
Bloodline: Dragon, Vampire
User Type:Adept
Aiko at age 11:
Aiko's Character Updates Black_10
Weight:89 lb
Eyes: Midnight(Dark) Blue
Hair: pitch black that goes down to her waist the tips of her hair which are at least a foot long are dark blue.
Body Type: slender but slightly athletic despite her thin frame, which is a trait of her blood.
Personality: Being the quiet type Aiko or Kaz is observant of her surroundings and is naïve when it comes to things that don’t concern or affect her. She is usually very dedicated in what she does but she also loves her family and believes strongly that her father who she had never seen or met will someday come visit her and her mother. She is a hopeful girl that is stubborn when it comes to it but won't hesitate to help anyone in need. She is overly positive and smiling to those she meets and loves making new friends that understand her fully.
Extra Info: Has no experience liking boys and hates vegetables.
Origins: Umi village located in Kofu Kingdom
Current Kingdom: Futami??
The Background
Aiko, daughter of a forbidden love that shouldn’t have been allowed or even possible to happen, but was under certain circumstances. A meeting between a dragon prince and vampire princess that shouldn’t have taken place but did, their futures were already set with their fiancées but destiny had other plans for them as their two worlds collided into one, because of a war. A war between dragons and vampires took place, and began before the two Yuji Tsukiyomi the vampire princess and Shinsuke the Dragon prince were born. As they traveled together because of an assignment Shinsuke was given being a mercenary he pledged to protect Yuji, even though Yuji was untrusting of the dragon. She had known he was different from the humans she had seen or helped, but she had never met a dragon. Yuji had a hard time trusting people, mainly humans as her childhood was a rough one growing up. As they traveled together Yuji’s heart began to slowly trust the dragon prince as they became targets of vampires that wanted Yuji dead. The two didn’t know that the time that the vampires wanted Yuji dead because of who her mother was. It didn’t take long for both Yuji and Shinsuke be in their clutches as they were soon separated for a week. Yuji searched for her companion while, the other in turn was tortured, and when they reunited they were met with an obstacle and Yuji’s despair. Taking action Shinsuke’s dragon form was released and he was able to knock Yuji out to keep her from suffering he didn’t want to see her like this, as he turned to Alexander the vampire that had taken Shinsuke and tortured him. As the two fought Alexander met his demise by the dragon prince who had taken Yuji and on the way out he had gotten help from the very man that Shinsuke had begun to hate for leaving Yuji alone in the world, none other than Yuji’s father Takeshi Tsukiyomi.

Leading them away from the chaos Takeshi explained little to Shinsuke about Yuji but as soon as Yuji awoke Takeshi vanished with only a few words to the dragon, ‘Take care of my daughter.’ Soon after the two escaped they were given a brief moment of peace before being called into a war where the humans were in danger. At this point the dragon prince was sure of his emotions for Yuji as he was now being hunted by his cousin to return him to the dragon kingdom and to take the thrown, if anything Shinsuke wanted to kill his father. Yet there was something different about him as he didn’t want to involve the vampire princess knowing he was already too close to her, he was beginning to learn her secrets as she was learning his. If the dragons came after her, he wouldn’t like it as well knowing she still lacked the killing intent and skill.

As time progressed between the two having close calls when they were hunted down they were finally able to have moments for each other as they both fell in love with each other. Having their futures already chosen for them didn’t stop them from letting their love grow. Their growth in emotions caused the two to come up with a solution that both worlds were shocked and reluctant to accept. To accept a marriage between the dragon prince and vampire princess but in the end it was accepted as the two lived in the dragon kingdom happily.

Of course that happiness was short lived when a certain event whether it was true or not broke the vampire princess now a queen’s heart. She didn’t look back as she took only what she had come with and fled leaving only a letter to her dragon lover. A letter that explained everything as Yuji fled to Umi village where she had found out she was seeded. Seeded with an impossible child that to the world wasn’t possible to be born, joy and sadness filled Yuji as she lived in the home her mother had been killed in. To her surprise her father seemed to know what she would do and had been waiting for her to arrive to question her.

To Yuji’s surprise she explained everything and told her father who she had ended up finding after a long journey and the reason why she had been left alone. With her father’s support Yuji was able to live in the village to be at peace hoping she would never be found by her husband.

After nine months Yuji’s first child had been born and from there things began to change. The child was given a small charm that held the same curse as the Dragon prince’s curse in his Katana, keeping the child in a human form. Holding the little black haired baby, with a small orange jeweled necklace that kept the child from being in its true dragon form, the baby cooed lightly. The baby having a human form was a great relief to the pink haired mother as she held her child, while her father held a different child in his arms, this child also had a charm around his neck, but it was a ruby necklace charm. The other child was a boy that was sleeping peacefully, and now with two children inside this household, one of which was a girl and the other a boy.

The girl was named Aiko while the boy was named Arata. Aiko the daughter of that forbidden love that by a change of fate had been allowed to be consumed and by miracle she was born. Without the knowledge of the dragon King or any of the dragon kin, while the vampire clan knew to keep the birth of the heir a secret to protect King Takeshi and the lives of the heir as well. Aiko and the boy were cared for deeply by Yuji who raised them well, and with caution around Umi village knowing that they were different from normal children.
As she grew older Aiko had pretty much a normal childhood with her mother helping her and teaching her everything she needed to know about the world. From the simple things like reading and writing to the most live changing lessons that she might end up facing as she grew older. Aiko often asked why she didn’t have a father and asked both her grandfather and mother why. She had noticed her grandfather would smile lightly at her and tell her that he was away, while her mother looked sad and told her, “It’s complicated honey.” When she would sleep and get tucked in by her mother Aiko would ask her mother to tell her stories about how her mother and father left, at times hesitant her mother would tell her long and beautiful stories that caused them both to smile, laugh, and cry at times. Little Aiko always enjoyed these stories as did the pink haired boy that lived with her. It was also something she didn’t question; the boy that lived with them she always felt a strong connection towards him but never understood why. She wouldn’t ask anyone why or how it was possible; she was too carefree and happy how things were.

As the years progressed, Aiko and the pink haired boy she lived with had no friends, except for the few children that would come over at night with their parents to play with the two. Those children and their parents were close to Aiko’s mother as she learned that those adults children knew of what Aiko and they boy were. The children knew that Aiko and the boy were not human but they didn’t care, they lived in the same village and wanted to know them. That alone was enough for Aiko to smile with glee and play with them; she of course had to be careful not to get hurt, as did the boy who was dragged by two older boys that were curious as to why he looked expressionless.

After a while of playing Aiko, the pink haired boy and the other children returned exhausted and sleepy to their parents who took them home as Aiko and the boy were taken to their separate rooms. Aiko’s mother promised the two that tomorrow they would commence a training that they would need to know well.
The next day when Aiko woke up she dressed and headed out of her room to find breakfast already cooked and served. Her mother and the boy were nowhere in sight. Shrugging it off, she sat on the table and started to eat quietly thinking of what her mother would teach her. It didn’t take Aiko long to finish but at the same time she saw her mother come in looking worried as she went to get an ice pack, tilting her head in confusion and seeing her mother rush out. Aiko followed her to see the pink haired boy biting his bottom lip with several bruises on his arms and legs, a sword a foot away from him and a big bump on his forehead. Opening her mouth in shock Aiko wondered who had caused those wounds but she ended up jumping when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around and looking up Aiko saw her grandfather who she hugged and smiled, and in turn he chuckled. “ Aiko, I think it’s time I train you since your mother is busy with Arata.” Takeshi’s strong voice said as little five year old Aiko nodded happily thinking it was a game she would play. She would soon find out that it wasn’t a game rather a serious bashing to learn to protect their lives.

It took Aiko a few weeks of fighting before she wanted to give up, that is until her grandfather took the boy to train while she fought against her mother. With her mother things were a little different as the lessons she learned were swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, survival instincts, and remedies that would definitely be useful. As soon as Aiko believed she was ready to put everything in practice she learned that her defense wasn’t as strong or perfect as she thought. As she was hurt once, or more times by her mother who had been holding back slightly and Aiko had known that the pink haired boy resembled her mother in a way. She was slow to realize why but in the later years she would know.

Six years later Aiko had learned and broadened her horizon’s at what her mother taught her and continued to spar against her mother but was soon told to go back and spar against her grandfather who visited less and less. Hesitantly Aiko nodded and headed to where the pink haired boy and her grandfather were; as soon as she saw them she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her grandfather and the boy were actually having an actual fight and it shocked Aiko that she couldn’t keep up with him but the boy did it with ease.

Once the boy saw Aiko he stopped and bowed his head slightly as he acknowledged her presence while her grandfather smiled and told her to come, “Arata, take a break for a while, you deserve it.” He said as Aiko approached her grandfather. As soon as she was close enough, her grandfather three a right hook at her face and Aiko took three steps back before falling on her butt. “Grandpa!” Aiko pouted as she stood up and heard her grandfather chuckle, he was testing her and knew there would be much for her to learn.

Aiko re-learned the basics that her mother had taught her at the hands of her grandfather, who didn’t take it easy on her as her training progressed. When Aiko had learned all she needed to know as she perfected her defense and knowledge she was put against the pink haired boy who in three hits was able to disarm her. Aiko was naïve enough not to know how he did it but it didn’t stop her from getting her weapon and try to once again strike. Once again the boy disarmed her in three hits and pinned her to the ground with a small smirk, “You better get stronger, or you will get killed Aiko” he said as he got off Aiko and headed inside the house. Frustrated Aiko went to her mother and asked her what she was missing. Sadly her mother couldn’t tell her what she wanted to know, as Aiko sighed sadly and headed inside the house to review the maps she had been given by her grandfather to study. That same night her mother announced that they would be headed to a place where they could finish growing up as Umi village was beginning to get dangerous after Yuji and Takeshi got wind that there would be dragons that were loyal to Kyoshiro. Without telling Aiko the real reason they would be leaving Umi village, Yuji began to pack the essential things she would need as well as the two children. Aiko was in her room studying her maps and wondering if she would ever meet her father and if he abandoned them or not. She hoped not, seeing as her mother’s eyes glowed brightly when she spoke of him, how her face would glow in the love she had for her father, something her mother rarely showed at all. She had stopped asking about her father at the age of seven, as it caused her mother a great amount of pain when she did ask about him.

The next day Aiko, her mother and the pink haired boy left Umi village with a few of their friends coming out in broad daylight saying their good byes and wishing them luck. The children wished both Aiko and the boy to come back someday, as they would wait for them to welcome them back as their friends. This departure made Aiko cry and caused the pink haired boy to hug her. Shocked, Aiko kept crying in his arms as they had to leave and dried her tears, causing her to blush.

As soon as Aiko and her family were far away from Umi village Aiko was filled with awe as she saw the sites outside of the village it had been different from the ones she read in the books her mother and grandfather had given her to study from. The pink haired boy that had given his shoulder for Aiko to cry on was at her side chuckling at Aiko’s liveliness at seeing her enjoying herself and smiling like she had as a child. Sadly their happiness didn’t last as two men that were humans or looked like they were humans appeared and as Yuji took out a sword to fight she was knocked out. The pink haired boy scared Aiko, because of what he said as they both yelled, “Mother!!” Taking their weapons out quickly they were engaged to fight but the men were stronger than the two as Aiko was soon knocked out and only the boy remained but being two against one didn’t help the situation.

When Aiko awoke she had been in a new place, a place that she knew little of and clutched her head in pain. Looking around Aiko wondered where her mother was and the boy was since they were nowhere to be found. Feeling sad, scared, and worried Aiko stood up and looked around this place that she soon found out was called Yuki-onna Northern Tundra, in the Amaterasu City this would be the beginning of her adventure. Hopefully she found her mother and that boy who she missed deeply and she needed answers as to why they had been attacked as well.

Skills and Abilities
Standard Skills: N/A
Techniques: N/A
Unique Abilities:
Major: Double True Blood - Being born from both a dragon and a vampire Aiko gains both the bloodline and races strengths.
Major: Dragon Amulet - The amulet keeps her partial dragon form from emerging.

The ability to control and absorb fire that has been thrown and hit Aiko. Aiko's body is able to hold fire being that in her blood the dragon's flame flows in her. Her body is always ready to supply fire for her to use against her opponents.

1. The use of fire/flame in any form of an attack is useless and when it hits her body it is generally absorbed by the fire that flows through her veins. Releasing it or absorbing it to let it become physical energy at will.

Absorbing Fire/Flames Energy
E-Ranked - 1 point of Physical energy
D-Ranked - 2 points of Physical energy
C-Ranked - 4 points of Physical energy
B-Ranked - 6 points of Physical energy
A-Ranked - 8 points of Physical energy
S-Ranked - 10 points of Physical energy
SS-Ranked - 12 points of Physical energy

Releasing Fire/Flame Energy - Physical contact required.
E-Ranked - 1 point of damage
D-Ranked - 4 points of damage
C-Ranked - 8 points of damage
B-Ranked - 12 points of damage
A-Ranked - 16 points of damage
S-Ranked - 20 points of damage
SS-Ranked - 24 points of damage

2. The naturally generated Flame/fire in her body gives any weapon she uses including her hands a plus 2 of fire damage.

3. Learning fire techniques is natural to Aiko and because of the Techniques in Flame/Fire nature costs less than normal.

Fire(Pyromancy) Technique Costs
SS Rank - 118 Points
S Rank - 58 Points
A Rank - 28 Points
B Rank - 12 Points
C Rank - 6 Points
D Rank - 3 Points
E Rank - 1 Point
Minor: Blood lust - Being able to drink a small amount of blood from any source, including opponents if their speed is 7 points less than Aiko's.

Major: Double True Blood - Being born from both a dragon and a vampire Aiko gains both the bloodline and races strengths, but the down side is she gains all of their weaknesses as well.

Major: Dragon Amulet - If the dragon amulet is not worn; after five posts of not wearing it Aiko will forceably grow claws and wings not being able to control the transformation.

Pyromancy down:
She is completely incapable of using any other magic besides Flame-based ones; even though she can create her own fire energy she cannot absorb it to replenish her Physical Energy and Magical Energy. Since her body has adapted to change flame energy into physical energy the standard resources such as food or any other type of recovery only does 1/5th of what it would normally do.
Minor: Kawaii! - An effect that happens when Aiko sees a boy that she herself considers cute or hot. If she sees a boy that meets her cute or hot standards Aiko's charisma gains +1 but her speed falls -2 wanting to drain the boy of his blood.
Constitution:4|+4 =8
Dexterity:4| -6=-2
Speed:4 |+2|-3 = 3
Strength:4 |+6 =10
Wisdom:4|+4 =8
Role-play Sample:
Aiko Momichi:
Aiko continued crying as Jaden nodded and stayed quiet as he took in this information. As the water continued to rub Aiko's neck she began to calm down as her tears began to stop and dry as the minutes passed. She still felt the fresh wound of her heart open because of the past but would she be able to live up to her clan's expectations? Aiko herself wasn't sure but the water that kept rubbing her neck was more than a reassurance for her. She needed to keep her brother's last words to make her clan proud.

Aiko's attention went to Jaden before she heard him speak. "So this explains the alias and the hiding of your Kekkei Genkai.” Aiko could only nod at his question knowing the last name she had wasn't exactly an alias but her adopted parent’s name. Aiko didn't want to talk about them at least not today as she paid attention to Jaden who continued to talk to her. When he mentioned the Mizukage Aiko lowered her gaze as she replied, "No, it is no secret that I am still here. The ones that know that I am still here are my...adopted family and a few that know of my past. O-Other than that no one knows of my... lineage.." she said as she was able to contain her tears from falling further. "The village only knows me as the Momichi families child, and not of my past, but now that you know this, Mizukage...s-she must know that you know of my lineage." Aiko finished as she heard Jaden continue.

When Jaden reassured her about keeping her secret it caused Aiko to smile lightly and nod being unsure of herself. 'Will he? Can I really rely on him, but onii-chan told me to be strong on my own. No, I trust him; he doesn't seem like a bad person. If he was the aura of the water would have been tainted dark.' Aiko thought as those same thoughts were interrupted when Jaden told her she didn't need to explain further and she mentally thanked him for that, knowing if it was someone else it might have ended differently.

Nodding Aiko replied, "that is fine by me, but.."Aiko trailed off as she wondered something as she extended her hand out as the water stopped rubbing her neck as it went to her hand. She didn't finish as she watched Jaden step back and it wasn't like last time when Aiko felt the dark aura of water emanating from him. This time the aura Aiko could see was calm and tranquil, it made Aiko smile and forget her worries. Aiko smiled and nodded when Jaden reassured her that this time he had control over his chakra as well as the small cyclone of water that followed his hand movements.

Aiko sweat dropped slightly when she heard that Jaden understood the nature of transformation and shape towards the water. To Aiko it was much more than that, if she was going to be using water just like everyone else in the village it was important for a person's emotions to mimic their actions. Just like before, when Jaden was angry his chakra and water manipulation mimicked his anger. Smiling lightly the water left Aiko's hand and once again went in front of Jaden to tell him something. "He says you need to focus more on your emotions." Aiko explained as the water went back to Aiko and then dropped to the ponds surface.

Aiko saw what Jaden was about to do it was a basic trick or rather technique that her brother had taught her. She hadn't used it since she was a little girl, but as she watched Jaden perform it she knew she still needed to practice it knowing that she needed to make the mist thicker, unlike before she had only made a thin layer of mist.

Aiko nodded to Jaden as she watched his display of what he was capable of. The water that was still in the ponds surface was waiting for something to happen. "I still have a lot to catch up and learn." She mumbled as she was kind of envious of Jaden's capabilities at creating a mist like this. Sighing Aiko closed her eyes remembering how she had trained in the water manipulation as a child. This particular memory didn't cause her any sadness as she remembered the valuable lesson she had learned by her brother. It was 'If you want to control the water peacefully and efficiently, you have to become one with the water both your mind and heart. That includes your emotions Aiko.' smiling lightly Aiko remembered her brother's words as she felt her chakra flow through her entire body as she heard the still pond around her and Jaden. Concentrating hard on the stillness of the water around her and her own feelings Aiko raised her hand as water began to slowly rise from the ponds surface. The water that protected Aiko watched from below the ponds surface to see what she would do.

Opening her eyes, Aiko's eyes seemed calm but clouded right now as the water that protected her rose behind her as if she was creating a thin water snake. "Nature transformation of water it is." Aiko said as she focused her chakra to drop the water down to the surface and disburse back into the pond it had come from. The water behind her though stayed the same as it watched what was going to happen in it's new form.

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