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Naisu Katai-WIP

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Naisu Katai-WIP

Post by Naisu Katai on Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:48 am

Character Registration Sheet

Character Info

Character's Name: Naisu Katai

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Bloodline: N/A

User Type: Magic


Height: 5"11
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Green Eyes
Hair: dark brown hair
Body Type: Medium Build, pretty skinny

Personality: Naisu Katai is a very short tempered person. He is very self-conscious of his height. When ever someone mentions his height, he pretty much goes ballistic, throwing a tantrum. His favorite food is Steak with white rice. He is also a fan of training to become stronger. Naisu is a very compassionate person. He always wants to help people with their problems. Naisu can be adventurous, loves to explore mountains and such. Whenever he is told not to do something, he does it. He is a decent talker, doesn't run his mouth a lot but he can handle a basic conversation. He usually likes to keep to himself though on his adventures and his paintings. He has friends though, but he likes quiet every now and then.

Extra Info: (Optional)

Origins: Chitose Kingdom

Current Kingdom: Futami Kingdom

The Background


Basic Background: Naisu Katai's history is a very short one. He was born in a small town in the Chitose Kingdom, with very similar levels of technology and civilization life as that of his current day home in the Futami Kingdom. Naisu's family began with the rejected members of his family branch, Sokka and Suuki Katai, two Magistrates of whom were of considerable ability. His family was one of whom believed in individual strength, and were always bigots against matters of the supernatural and of magic. Long ago his ancestors had been oppressed by supposed "witches and Sorcerers," their magic instilling in them with a fear that would not be forgotten for generations. As the couple joined together in holy matrimony, they began a family as time passed, which dawned the birth of a baby boy. They lived in Chitose for several years while the baby Naisu developed, this process accelerating at an impressive pace with each new day. His parents knew there was something special about the boy, they just didn't know what the entailed yet.

With their baby son Naisu, the couple lived a happy life, and eventually when the boy grew to be around the age of nine, that was when they started to teach him the basics of their magic. Sokka would teach him aspects of Magic that were more offensive in terms of potential combat, while his wife Suuki focused her attention on teaching Naisu aspects of magic that could help defend and heal those around him. Naisu developed fast in the realm of magic, understanding concepts and spells rather quickly.

Childhood Arc:

As Naisu grew up fast as a child, always impressing his mother and father to gradually increasing degrees, his destiny as a Magistrate was supposedly told to be "One of Significant Value". Naisu was to become a powerful contender in the realm of magic, such that one day many would know his name. Naisu eventually turned thirteen and reached a level of which was above the standard for a normal magistrate. He had already begun to rival his mother and father individually, and after a series of duels it had begun to show that Naisu was indeed living up to the prophecy of which he was told of. Naisu's personality was rowdier and more energetic than someone of such impressive potential usually showed. He was at this point of time much more childish, pulling off a series of pranks in his town to gain attention, something that neither the town nor his parents respected very much. Naisu was very kept to himself at this point in time, didn't make many friends, as many either feared or grew envious of him, it was rather lonely. The reason Naisu never understood his loneliness was because he never saw himself as a genius in magic. He had never thought of himself as someone to be wary of, he was quite humble in that regard. One of the boy's favorite spells to practice was one that allowed him to transform perfectly into the form of anyone else, allowing him to deceive people with ease, an ability that was indeed a common practice for his pranks. This usually ended with him getting into trouble however, as he was also always caught by accidentally doing something out of character.

Eventually however he changed a little bit when his parents died when he was about fourteen years old, mysterious circumstances surrounded their death. They were on route to a town event when the fateful thing happened, all that was left on the scene was a short sword, one that when Naisu crawled onto the scene, he took with him and rebuilt and remodeled in his own design, he did this for only one reason, something to never forget. He was one of the first one the scene when it happened, he was always fast thanks to his pranking days. His innocence was never the same after that, he had seen so much blood, it was appalling. It was if Naisu had died, and been reborn in a vessel born in blood. With that Naisu had become more quiet, more conserved with his life, back when he was a laughing, that of the joking type, he had now become the more disturbed, angry soul. He never lost his compassion for people, but in his grief it didn't mean he never developed a temper because of it. With this dark, angry attitude, his magic began to be the same, dark and angry, more ferocious than ever before.

Skills and Abilities

Standard Skills:


Unique Abilities:

Major: Major Ability: Naisu has the ability to morph his appearance perfectly for once per topic, either utilizing a disguise or simply stealing someone's identity. This ability extends to perfectly copying voice patterns and even copying the clothes worn by the person.

Minor: Minor Weapon- Short Sword

Minor: Photographic Memory: Naisu has the ability to memorize sounds or sights and can later recall them perfectly to people.

Minor: Generous Spirit: Naisu is overly generous so whatever gold he gets, 50% of it goes to charity to help the less fortunate, he just can't help himself.

Major: Major Ability's Flaw: Naisu's morphing ability is taxing indeed, his points are subtracted by 50% whenever he's in morph form, and it continues to be so even four posts after the morphing recedes.

Minor: Anger issues, 25% dexterity penalty when he is angry (this usually occurs because of self consciousness about his height or if someone makes a vulgar insult at him)

Constitution: 3

Dexterity: 3

Speed: 3



Charisma: 5


Wisdom: 6

Role-play Sample: (Optional)
Optional... also Kon's seen my RPing before so (even though I've sort of improved since he last RPed with me xP)

Naisu Katai

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