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Ryuunosuke's character update

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Ryuunosuke's character update Empty Ryuunosuke's character update

Post by Ryuunosuke on Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:22 am

[b]Character Update:[/b]
[b]Unique Info:[/b] Any info you may want to include when posted if none put N/A
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Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name: Arata Tsukiyomi(Shinsuke??)
Nickname: Ara, Ryu, or Ryuunosuke

Gender: Male
Race: Dragon/Vampire
Bloodline: Vampire(undead), Dragon
User Type: Adept
Ryuunosuke's character update Vy2_6010
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 110
Eyes: blue/Red
Hair: Pink haired boy that has short hair, nicely kept hair that ends right at the end of his neck.
Body Type: (slight)Athletic
Personality: A stubborn, wise genius fighter an strategist, a loner type of person who relies on no one but himself. Taking after his vampire family in fighting and his abilities in are that of a full bred dragon. Being hard headed makes him cool and collected to those around him but he is just cold in order to not to seek emotions that will later be useless. He has a mysterious aura about him, as he is cold towards many people that he meets; he is very blunt in his words and doesn't care what others say as he is an independent kid who can easily protect those he chooses to.

Extra Info: Likes to be alone and only cares about his family but when necessary he can push his emotions aside and fight as if there is nothing holding him back and his true power is unleashed.
Origins: Umi Village, in the Kofu Kingdom
Current Kingdom: Akuma(Myobu Plains West), Gozu city.
The Background

Arata, like Aiko is the product of a vampire and dragon mix. He is the oldest of two; his younger sister is Aiko who is oblivious to the fact that they are siblings. Which was fine with Arata; if he was able to protect Aiko with everything he had learned from his mother and grandfather. When Arata was born he was given a ruby colored charm that held in the so-called curse to remain human, and the reason why his eyes were no longer yellow like his mother had told him they had been when he was born. Arata didn't mind that he resembled his mother in her blue eyes and pink hair, what bothered him was that at times he reminded his mother of his father.

Something that Arata didn't like, and if it hadn't been because he had been thirsty one night when he was three that he overheard his mother and grandfather he might have never known. What his father had done to betray his mother, the mother that seemed to cry herself to sleep sometimes when she spoke of their father. Arata even as a three year old could not forgive his father for what he had done; he just couldn't understand why his mother had left or why he made her suffer so much. Sure he enjoyed the stories his mother told about his father, it gave him something to think about knowing the adventures his parents went through together but to see his mother cry later at night wasn't worth it to him

As the years went on Arata was practically raise by both his mother but mainly his grandfather knowing that he would either be the heir of the vampire or dragon clan. The choice was his but Arata being five years old now didn't want anything to do with the dragon clan as he told his grandfather to tell him the real reason why his mother left his father. Causing his grandfather as he found out Arata already knew the reason why his mother Yuji had left his father. Takeshi sighing looked at his young grandson who he would have to train soon, before the dragon clan found out that he and Aiko were offspring's of the dragon king. Nodding his head he sat down on the ground and motioned for Arata to sit next to him as he told him the truth of what he had heard from Arata's mother. The truth hurt and shocked Arata, he couldn't believe his ears, but it made sense as he began to take it all in. It was then that he thought and understood that he would have to kill his father and tell him to beg for his mother’s forgiveness knowing what he had done to his mother. Vowing to protect his little sister and mother from his father and any dragon kin that they might come across in their lifetime. Sure his mother had taught him to help out anyone he could but if anyone in-dangered his mother and sister he wouldn't stand for it, he would rather kill and ask questions later.

A week later Arata's training against his mother began and it wasn't an easy fight but being a fast learner helped him a lot as he saw many openings. Taking a shot to disarm his mother by targeting the hilt of her sword to disarm his mother he didn't see her drop the sword and block. As she brought out daggers that he didn't even see. Which caused him to take three steps to back up but it was two late his mother had two daggers each gave him a scratch, since his skin was harder than a vampire. Not to mention he had sometimes stayed up at night to study/read the books in his house that taught him how to fight and about the outside world, out of Umi village. Arata didn't expect to have a hard time fighting in actual combat, despite reading about how to fight and pinpointing the weaknesses of his opponents.

Getting scratched by his mother was nothing as he tried to make a swing with his sword but as easy as he gave a left swing hoping to get her shoulder he missed and his mother was able to pierce his left shoulder. At that moment Arata fell to his knees feeling tremendous pain as his mother sheathed her weapons and rushed into the house. Arata held in the tears he was about to let out, he was the only man in the house besides his grandfather. He couldn't cry especially when he had made a pact that he would protect his mother and sister. By the time his mother returned his cut was already healed but his skin was slightly swollen, and to his surprise his little sister Aiko was right behind his mother.

About to say something until he saw his grandfather, Arata sighed and stood up as his mother spoke with him and gave him a few pointers, something that Arata knew he had done wrong but even so his mother reassured him that he would get better quickly. Yuji, smiling her motherly smile ruffled her son's hair as she walked to pick up her sword. Once again his training resumed, and Arata was anxious to better his skills as his mother also taught him hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, and strategy.

It didn't take long; maybe a few weeks for Arata to learn everything he could and actually beat his mother as he realized she held back a lot due to her emotions, something he thought was unnecessary for battle. Sure as he grew up he resembled his father being headstrong and jumping head first into fights if he could but they were all to defend his families honor and protect them from others. It was then that Aiko and Arata switched places as he began to train with his grandfather and Aiko with his mother.

This made things interesting for Arata as he fought and learned a lot more with his grandfather Takeshi. His grandfather like his mother did fight with emotions, but the only difference was that his grandfather knew how to use them which surprised and gave Arata a run for his money when they trained. Earning Arata more pain and damage that he had ever thought he could get. Of course for Arata this was better as he finished his day of training and was supposed to go to bed but instead he sneaked out and started to train alone at night, he wanted to get stronger faster.

Six years have passed since then and Arata is now eleven years old. He is able to fight against his grandfather and keep up with many of his hits, of course he still needs a lot of training left in order to protect his mother and sister but it doesn't stop him from fighting and sometimes beating his grandfather. One day his younger sister Aiko wanted to fight him and he easily accepted as he found it amusing but also an easy fight. As he disarmed her in three hits as she landed on the ground, and Arata took the opportunity to sit on her stomach with a sword in hand. "You better get stronger, or you will get killed Aiko” Arata said with a smirk as he got up and headed inside the house leaving a frustrated Aiko behind but he didn't care. He got what he needed to know which was to get even stronger to protect his sister and mother.

When Arata went inside the house he put away his sword and looked at the ruby necklace he had, he had taken it off and he hadn't turned to a dragon immediately but his eyes had turned and golden yellow color. He did know that if the necklace with the ruby orb was off for more than a week he would turn into his dragon form at will, but he had not control without the orb just yet. Sighing, Arata grabbed a backpack his mother had bought him and started to put things his grandfather had given him from books on information of both dragons and vampires as well as small rations of food. He never knew when they might have to leave, or when he would leave to find the man that hurt his mother. Before he finished packing Arata and Aiko were called into the living room and were told to pack because they were leaving somewhere. As Aiko went to her room Arata stayed behind to ask the real reason and he grimaced finding out that the dragon clan could possibly know where they are. It was a great opportunity for Arata to find his father's location to kill him but, he couldn't risk endangering his mother and sister.

Going back into his room Arata packed and then headed to bed, but couldn't sleep that night. As morning came Arata helped his mother as they left with a few things, his grandfather couldn't come today because he had matters to attend, or rather information to get. Leaving Umi village Aiko said goodbye to her friends and some of Arata's that seemed to like how he was. As Aiko cried Arata lent his shoulder to her to cry on which caused her to blush, and Arata to sweat drop. He hoped his sister wouldn't develop a complex for him. Turning around Arata, Aiko and his mother left Umi village as their goal was to get as far away and possible to avoid the dragons that had caught wind of their existance.

It didn't take Arata and his family long to be very far away and down the mountain where Umi village was located but it caused Arata to draw a blade as Aiko and Arata yelled out "Mother!!" when Yuji had been knocked out before she could move. The two men that had appeared, seemed human but they couldn't hide their dragon self since they just grimaced at touching their mother, something Arata hated as he went forward to attack but be blacked out when they hit him on the back of the neck causing him to get knocked out.

When Arata came to he was in an unknown place and his mother was at his side but she didn't look well. His mother looked paler than usual and it was there that he noticed the dragons had given her a curse, the curse of a dragon. One that could easily kill his mother, if he didn't find the antidote soon; He had to at least find his sister Aiko who was nowhere to be found as he looked around. Feeling the rage inside of him he would kill anyone that didn't give him information on those dragons and the antidote needed to save his mother. As he moved to carry his mother bridal style Arata ended up finding a safe haven for his mother as he relayed a message to his grandfather about this.
Leaving his mother in a women's home that owed his mother and grandfather so much, Arata left hoping to find Aiko and information on this place. He later found out that he was in a region called Akuma Kingdom.
Skills and Abilities
Standard Skills: Swordmanship
Techniques: n/a
Unique Abilities:
Major: Double True Blood - Being born from both a dragon and a vampire Arata gains both the bloodline and races strengths.
Major: Blood Thirst - Having the full power of the vampire and of the dragon for some reason his Blood thirst is increased dramatically with that his eyes will turn red like a true vampires and his strength and speed becomes stronger, increasing by two pints each. This only happens when in the site of blood and will last for 10 turns.
Major: Dragon Amulet - The amulet keeps his partial dragon form from emerging.
Major: Fire Blast - The ability to use fire that comes from his blood and flows through his veins. The blood of a dragon that he despises and rarely uses because of it. Being able to cast a fireball just by spitting a fireball from his mouth. Fireball moves at 5 plus users top speed and does 3 points of fire damage.
Minor: Advanced Fighting Knowledge - Plus 1 dexterity for dodging only.
Minor: Vampiric and Draconic Knowledge - Plus 1 meter extra peception towards vampires and dragons.

Major: Double True Blood - Being born from both a dragon and a vampire Arata gains both the bloodline and races strengths, but the down side is he gains all of their weaknesses as well.

Major: Blood Thirst - Having such a powerful thirst of blood comes with great abilities, even greater draw backs. When in this state Arata's Vampiric instincts will take over giving him a minus 3 from his charisma and wisdom. This will last through out the blood thirst mode and for 5 turns after it ends.

Major: Dragon Amulet - If the dragon amulet is not worn; after five posts of not wearing it Arata will forceably grow claws and wings not being able to control the transformation.

Major: Fire Blast - Using such powerful energy from his race and bloodline takes up quite a large amount of physical energy to use. 5 points from Physical energy pool per use and costs Arata one of his action points even though the fireblast is a free action when determining how quickly it works.
Minor: Fighting Spirit - Learning to fight all the time made Arata lack most would call social skills. Minus 1 from Charisma when talking with anyone.
Minor: Vampiric and Draconic Knowledge - Having learned so much about Vampires and Dragons and not about other races Arata looses 1 meter of perception for all races except dragons and Vampires.
Constitution: 4|+4=8
Dexterity: 4|-6= -2
Speed: 4|+2|-3=3
Stamina: 4
Strength: 4| +6= 10
Charisma:3 |-3= 0
Intelligence: 4 |+4= 8
Wisdom: 5|+4 =9
Role-play Sample: (check Aiko's character sheet)

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