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Alphinon Valafar - One Year Timeskip

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Alphinon Valafar - One Year Timeskip

Post by Quiet_Valafar on Thu May 30, 2013 2:06 pm

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name: Alphinon Valafar
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Dhampyr (Human/Vampire)
Bloodline: Human and Vampire
User Type: Physical User
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Coral
Hair: A little long, long from the back to the front bangs that frame his face when neat, Jet black.
Body Type: Lean-muscle build, athletic, long in the legs and torso, pale skin.
Personality: A bit of a “keep to himself” kind of guy, Alphinon is a bit of the strong silent type for a while. He’s a bit cold at first and takes a bit to melt his icy shell but underneath is a kind soul that is very helpful, if not a bit of a pranking goof and a bit sarcastic and teasing. Embarrassed easily, he tends to hide his emotions very well unless you take notice of small telltale signs; a hint of a smile in the corner of his mouth, a light coloring in his cheeks or ears. He wouldn’t harm someone without good reason and he does have a conscience, no matter how quiet it can be at times. Empathetic but logical, sweet but serious and harsh when needed he is open to see both sides of a situation and use reason most of the time.
Extra Info: Calling him “Alphi” is a sure way of getting yourself on his bad side. He also has journals of herbs and plants that he keeps with him in a backpack, adding to the most recent one when needed. He does like plants and such as well as some cute things, though he won’t tell you that.
Origins: Waira Mountain, Akuma Kingdom
Current Kingdom: Shikome Hills West, Futami Kingdom
The Background
Born and raised in the Waira Mountains, he was raised with both parents; his mother was a human and his father was a vampire, his mother had refused to be changed while she was pregnant and even after the baby was born. Alphinon's father had accepted that but others were not so accepting. A taboo pairing, they had lived peacefully in a secluded valley after being shunned from their families on both sides and keeping their "monstrosity" as others would call him; well as peaceful as an outcast or odd family could in the Akuma Kingdom. They would only go to the village when food and supplies were needed. Alphinon had a bit of a hard time with his vampiric side but learned to control it over the years with care and great discipline mainly from his father. His childhood was rather normal, in the sense that he had times when he would act out or tried to push the limit but for the most part he was a good kid. When he wasn’t learning to keep his vampiric thirst and instincts in control, his mother would take him through the valley and meadows teaching him of different herbs, what could heal and what could kill. These times with his mother became more precious as he had to see her get older when he had hardly aged once every five years.

He had asked her once why he aged so slowly, and she so quickly and she had merely smiled sweetly telling him it was because that was how life was. His father had seen his wife aging as well and had not wanted to lose her yet. Alphinon had seen his parents talking after he went to bed; this talk would be for three years. He had lost his mother at the age of ten due to her body rejecting the change when his father had decided to turn her at long last on her birthday. Alphinon never really forgave his father after that and his father accepted that. But his father still cared enough to continue his lessons, while Alphinon kept his mother’s journals on plants and herbs for after training. When he was sixteen, his father just up and disappeared seeing at this age he was considered able to fend for himself. Even after all the sadness, he still turned out with a kind soul, even if it’s hard to find. He will hunt unsuspecting humans that come through the mountains but, usually to survive, the dhampyr will hunt larger animals. Keeping his mother close in heart and mind, he knows to be civil when it comes down to it and from his father, his strength and other gifts. Traveling by night only, Alphinon has led a semi-peaceful life of survival and traveling to note other plants, outside of his home mountains.

Many things had changed but there were some that hadn’t changed for this dhampyr. In the year that had passed, he had logged more herbs and documented more plants than his journal could contain. Even along his travels, from the Akuma kingdom’s Waira Mountains, into an unchartered territory of the kingdom of Futami he had learned much. He traveled mostly by night and drank the blood of animals when humans were scarce; never more than his fill of course. Then one day of his travels, he heard soft cries for help and went to investigate. What he had found seemed to be a small fairy with a silver strand around her ankle (a cheap fairy trap). Not wanting to leave it to die, he untied the fairy, and she’s been on his shoulder ever since. Their travels ended for a while with a rest in the west hills of Shikome.
Skills and Abilities
Standard Skills:
• Energy Control (Physical) - Grand Master
• Perception - Intermediate: Level 3
Unique Abilities:
Major: Dhampyr - Also known to some as a vampire hybrid Which is the birth of a child that has both full abilities as a human and a True Blood Vampire. Such things are very rare, but when it does happen, these kinds of vampire hybrids have all the strengths as a vampire and the ability to walk in sunlight like a normal human.
Minor: Small Companion:
Companion's Name: Lavender
Size: Small
Type: Flower Fairy
Appearance: A petite creature of three and a half inches tall, Lavender is a fair-skinned female Lavender fairy with the appearance of a young girl with a slim hourglass figure. Her long cornflower blue hair that rests past her waist and long bangs compliments her silvery blue eyes. Usually wearing a dress that rests at the knees, it will be backless for her five inch long, clear, dragonfly-style wings.
Unique Abilities:
Major: Healing – Using her magic, Lavender is able to heal those she chooses to the best of her abilities; a white fiery glow will start as it heals half the total amount of her health.
Minor: Calming Aura – The aura she emits around the person, whose shoulder she sits on, is a like a thin dome of pure calm and peace; if the aura is seen it gives off a white aluminum color.
Major: Magic Drain – When using her magic to heal someone, it costs her half of her available Health; to replenish it, she sleeps for five posts.
Minor: Water – She can’t swim. If she gets her wings wet, she can’t fly until they dry.
Constitution/Stamina: 10
Speed: 8
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 5
Major: Dhampyr - Being a hybrid of both vampire and humans having the full bloodlines of both grants great strengths, but all humans have an uncontrollable urge to do what they truly want. Now with being a hybrid of a vampire and human it enhances the hybrids urge for blood and needing it altogether. So because of this the hybrids need to drink blood every five posts or suffer twice the amount of Physical Energy Drain that a normal True Blood Vampire would suffer; this means if no blood is drank every five posts then they will lose 4 points to their Physical Energy pool every post after, until blood has been consumed.
Minor: Scent of Blood – Though he has learned to restrain himself very well, he still gets tempted by the scent of fresh blood, especially human. Should there be a lot, he is stunned for one post while trying to decide whether to run or attack; -1 Intelligence and Dexterity but +1 Strength and Speed, should he choose to attack, the gains and loses last no more than two posts.
Constitution/Stamina: 12
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 5 l +2 = 7
Strength: 5 l +2 =7
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 8

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Character sheet
Character's Name: Alphinon Valafar
Level: 5
User Type: Physical

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Re: Alphinon Valafar - One Year Timeskip

Post by Kon on Fri May 31, 2013 2:46 pm


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Character sheet
Character's Name: Kon
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Re: Alphinon Valafar - One Year Timeskip

Post by Phantasimo on Fri May 31, 2013 2:47 pm

Approved :U

Lightning Emperor Gloves
HP: 20
Magical Energy: 28
Physical Energy: 40
~~Battle Bonuses~~:
Perception Bonus
+2 Dexterity, it is now 8 Dexterity
+1 Speed, it is now 7 Speed

Swordsmanship: When holding a sword I get:
+1 Dexterity, making it 9 Dexterity

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Re: Alphinon Valafar - One Year Timeskip

Post by Sponsored content

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