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Phirron's Character Application {DONE!!!!!!}

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Phirron's Character Application {DONE!!!!!!}

Post by Phirron on Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:01 am

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name:Aelius Martinus
Age: 500 (appears 25)
Gender: Male
Race: Nephilim
Bloodline: Fallen Angel
User Type: Adept (Spirit and Magic)
Character Image:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Dark Brown
Body Type: Tall, muscular, pale skinned, and well built.

Personality: At first glance Aelius appears to be a carefree wanderer, but on closer inspection he is noticed that he follows the winds of destiny as they guide him from destination to destination. He has little value for gold as he gleans what he needs directly from nature. Also he is seen most of the time to be quite a loner, and when he is around people he is most often preaching about protecting the balance between the way society lives and the need to be in balance with the natural world around them.

Extra Info: He is a user of green magic, or the magic of nature. with it he can create plants, heal all living beings, and even clean up the mess of society in an effort to minimize the impact of society on nature.

Origins:Futami Kingdom-Seiryu City
Current Kingdom:Futami Kingdom-Shikome Hills West
The Background

Born and raised in Seiryu City Aelius lead the life of two worlds made one. He is offspring of the union between a nephilim and a fallen angel. His father, Ianuarius Martinus, is a Nephilim where as his mother, Mikhal Martinus, is a fallen angel. The story of his parents love is quite long, complicated, and quite sappy. In short summary there paths crossed several hundreds of years back when Mikhal was still an angel. Despite her inability to distinguish Ianuarius as being neutral in life and not pure evil she soon founder herself in love. Like wise he to fell for her but knew the union of a nephilim and an angel could never be. After several more meetings between the two Mikhal decided to sever her wings so she could be with the man she loved. In doing so she quickly saw there was more to life than just the black and white extremes of good and evil. With the help of Ianuarius Mikhal soon found the beauty that lied in to balance and adopted the way of the nephilim with her full spirit.

After a couple hundred years they were wed and soon she was with child and gave birth to Aelius. It was soon apparent that he was a natural born adept. He inherited his mother's strong spirit and his father's talent for magic. As soon as he was 200 years old (equivalent to a 10 year old human mentally and physically as 20 years equals 1 year for a human) he was started on a rigid regimen of study and training in both spirit and magical abilities by his parents.

It was quickly noticed that even for an adept he was quite powerful and it was decided that this was due to his parentage. Though what was perplexing for quite some time was that at apparently random times he would suddenly have much more power. Infact when he received this power he would be just as powerful as if he were both a pure spirit and magic user combined.

At the age of 360, or the equivalent age of 18 for a human, he decided that he would focus his time solely on figuring out why he randomly got more or less powerful. In doing so he halted his training with his parents completely not caring about the lose of more advance abilities and techniques. This was because in his eyes unless he could find out how to fully control his natural powers he could never truly master anything.

After 70 years, when he would be around 21.5 years old in human terms, of experiments he finally came to realise that the the reason for his ability to have fluctuating power levels was related to the condition of his surroundings. When he was is untouched regions of the country left solely in the control of the elements or when he was in an area that was in perfect balance between nature an bipedal life he was much more powerful. Whereas in cities that have been mistreated and covered in fecal matter, or worse, he was drained of his extra power. He also learned during this time that he had a really keen natural sense of direction that almost always pointed him in the direction he needed to go.

After explaining this to his parents and having several discussions they all concluded that this meant destiny had charged him with keep guard over the balance of nature and to try and preserve the beauty of the natural world even among society. With this he resumed his training and unfortunately had to start from the beginning all over again as the 70 years spent solely learning the reason his power fluctuated caused him to forget several aspects of his previous training. The next 50 years was spent reteaching what he had lost, and learning the new skill of fighting dual wielding a short sword and a hand-and-a-half sword, a slightly short longsword that is designed to be used effectively with either one or two hands), before he set out to join the order of the druids.

It was during these last 20 years as a druid that he met a hummingbird fairy who quickly became quite attached to him. As there goals were of a similar nature the two quickly formed a team and together they travel all over the place taking care of nature to the best of their abilities.

Skills and Abilities
Standard  Skills:N/A
Unique Abilities:
Major 1:Massive Spirit Energy Amounts: He was born with a natural talent for spiritual abilities. This is represented by a 1/4 max extra energy to his spirit energy pool.

Major 2:Massive Magical Energy Amounts: He was born with a natural talent for magical abilities. This is represented by a 1/4 max extra energy to his magic energy pool.

Minor 1:Requiring Little Sleep or Food: He is a nephilim and as such he is a keeper of balance. This has manifested in him being very in tune with nature and gives him the task of keeping the balance between nature and the daily life of people. To aid him in this task his affinity with nature fuels him with energy full of nutrients that make it where he can go for several days with out hungering, thirsting, or sleeping.

Minor 2:Natural Sense of Direction: Like many animals out in the wild he has an inner compass that always points him in the direction he needs to go.

Major 1:Flaw to Massive Spirit Energy Amounts: Only applies when in forests or hills type terrains.

Major 2:Flaw to Massive Magical Energy Amounts: Only applies when in forests or plains type terrains.

Minor 1:Flaw to Requiring Little Sleep or Food: This is only granted to him in areas where the balance between nature and the daily life of people and in pristine areas of nature completely untouched. This makes it where when in most cities and towns he needs regular amounts of food and sleep due to the filth that liters the streets.(Must eat regularly in towns and cities.)

Minor 2:Flaw to Natural Sense of Direction: Like compasses his natural sense of direction is thrown out of whack in extreme north or south positions as it is based of naturally feeling the magnetic pull of the world.(Magnetic energies throws this ability off.)

Constitution/Stamina:5 |+1 |-2=4
Dexterity:6 |-2=4
Speed:6 |-2=4
Strength:5 |+1=6
Intelligence:4 |+2=6
Wisdom:4 |+2=6


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Approved Character

Post by Kon on Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:43 pm


Health: 20
MEP: 25 | +1MN1  
PEP: 30 | +22PB1
Standard Skills:
Energy Control Magic Novice Level 1 (MN1)
Energy Control Physical Beginner Level 1 (PB1)
Con/Sta: 14 | -4Str: 8 | +2
Dex: 10• Int: 15 | +2
Spe: 15Wis: 15 | +2

End Post:

[right][b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Entrance/Exit Post[/b]
Health: 20
Magic Energy Pool: 25 [color=cyan]| +1MN1[/color]  
Physical Energy Pool: 30 [color=cyan]| +22PB1[/color]

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Character sheet
Character's Name: Kon
Level: 5
User Type: Adept User (Magic and Physical)

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Re: Phirron's Character Application {DONE!!!!!!}

Post by Lady Mictian on Mon Aug 12, 2013 11:28 pm

Lady Mictian

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Character sheet
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Re: Phirron's Character Application {DONE!!!!!!}

Post by Sponsored content

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