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Step into the Past

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Step into the Past

Post by Kon on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:50 pm

After a long drawn out year Kon had finally made it out of the Akuma Kingdom, but not as he had gone in. In the destructive nature around the Waira Mountain Kon had lost the one friend he hand assuming she had died he wandered the Waira Mountains for a long time. As he remained in the Akuma Kingdom he tortured himself and left a destructive path even for the monsters that live in such a destructive kingdom. Kon had gone in a different man than he was, but either way he still maintains his beliefs and morals trying to be the person he once was.

Stepping into this once familiar land fearing that he will go out of control once again, but knowing he must get close to someone once again so that they may stop him from going back to the evil he was in a land that death was common.

Kon walked out into the plains and by his side invisible to all around him was the soul of his closest friend Kai. Kai helped him through his toughest times in the Akuma Kingdom and now he remains at Kon's side as a reminder not to do what he has done and to help him when he needs it most. While walking side by side with Kai Kon began to speak with Kai saying to him, "Kai I am not sure I will be safe around others... " Kon sighs for a moment then begins to finish, "...especially since the my most powerful angelic state has become over whelming even for me at time. " Kai changes from his gaseous ball like form into his ghost like form, "Kon do not worry I am here and I will not be leaving your side anymore; so no more worries and start acting like a normal person even human like as I once was. " Kon sighs being reminded that Kon is no longer with the living.

All of the sudden Kai yells out to Kon, "Stop it no more thinking like that no more being distant you need to get close to others to make it in this world. I may be dead now, but I am still here and that is thanks to you. You saved me and I will always be thankful for that now get moving for the fact you need new clothes and holsters for your weapons since what you have now is tattered and damaged." Kon nods his head in understanding and begins to head off to the next place heading to the next town or village hoping for a custom shop to purchase his new equipment.

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