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ALazyName's Character Update Page

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ALazyName's Character Update Page Empty ALazyName's Character Update Page

Post by ALazyName on Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:40 pm

Character Update:
Unique Info: N/A
Link to OC Sheet:

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name: Aizaela Oyama
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Elf, Bonus to plus 1 to Speed, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom and a minus 4 to Constitution/Stamina.
Bloodline: Angel, plus 1 to strength and Wisdom and a minus 2 to Constitution/Stamina.
User Type: Adept, Physical and Magic
• Height: 5’7
• Weight: 135 lbs
• Eyes: Blue
• Hair: Long red hair.
• Body Type: Slender.
Personality: Aizaela is a quiet girl. As her race holds, she is quite intellectual. She loves reading books and studying magic. Friends that know her would say she can very playful like a child. She is very sensitive however, and she is swayed by “deep” emotions. Aizaela has a hard time knowing whose lying or not. She is friendly and will try to make an acquaintanceship happen.
Origins: Born in Outskirts of Seiryu City, Futami Kingdom
Current Kingdom: Seiryu City, Futami Kingdom
The Background
Aizaela was born in the outskirts of Seiryu City, in a elven tribe. The tribe had a tradition to have all the daughters of the tribe go on a journey to Heaven’s Salvation. They know their bloodline dates back to the Angels, and this was a journey to mature themselves. The sons of the tribe stayed back until an age to find a partner in the city of Seiryu. The men knew that they had an angel bloodline, however it was thought that male angels were easier to fall. This did not mean they were weak. The elven jean trained the boys for defense for the tribe.
When Aizaela turned 2 she was marked with a magic brand on her back of angel wings. This was a start of the process for girls to begin their journey. The wings would disappear if the girl finished her journey and became an angel. Those that could not become angels, the magic brand judge the actions of the girl if she has committed a sin or was not eligible. If the girl committed a sin, the angel wings will burn and all magic would disappear. If the girl was not eligible, they may stay and be under the protection of the angels or may live a normal life. Choosing to live a normal life is fine, and the girl, now woman, would find a suitable love and live her life.
The next step of preparing for the journey for Aizaela turning 7. After 5 years since the magic branding, the next step is having her choose her weapon for safety. She would be trained and learn magical abilities to help her during her journey. For Aizaela, she was heavily pressured to choose a weapon. Aizaela didn’t want to choose a weapon, she wanted to stay with her family. This was common for girls not to leave. Aizaela’s family gave her a locket. Her mother said, “If you ever feel homesick or not wanting to continue, hold this locket, and we will be there right by your side.” Aizaela was happy that her family supported her. In honor of her family, she chose the sword, just like her grandmother who returned after completing her journey. Each day changed for her, she held on to her locket and trained with her sword.
When using magic with her weapon, she had to visit Seiryu City, so she could access the massive library. She loved to read and she read so much that she read a book about relaxing the body. She practice the method so much that her body was really weak, and she couldn’t move very well.
The third step began at age 12, girls’ lives were changed as training became to be more extensive, harsher, and more difficult. This wasn’t a problem in the beginning for Aizaela. She could just relax her mind and feel reinvigorated. However, practices became longer, and constant use of her mind relaxing technique began to take a toll on her body. Her trainers realized that she had potential, but it was only in the beginning. If she gets caught in a fight, she can only last so long.
Aizaela celebrated her 16th birthday, with a test of her skills. This was the final test for girls to begin their journey. Aizaela had to fight wild animals. She had to fight 3 different types of animals. Her skills were still in growth, but she successfully passed her test. She brought home, some rare animals. One was a bird, a raven. Normally, this was an easy one for archers, but for one to use swords, was unexpected. She brought back a wolf, and a boar. These were hard targets, when she was asked how she managed, she said that her locket gave her hope. She passed her test and the ceremony for her began. Ceremonies were simple here, she was given a traveling bag and a ribbon to signify her journey to begin.
Aizaela was ready to being her journey. However, even though she passed her test, she was asked to stay in Seiryu City and find companions. She did as they asked, however, she found it difficult to find companions. Feeling guilty, she stay in Seiryu City, filling her mind with books and knowledge. She resides in an inn, where she is paid by the librarian because of her extensive reading. She still hopes to begin her journey, it has been two years since she was supposed to be traveling, her parents must have two thoughts, the first was Aizaela became an angel, and the second was that she was dead. They were hopeful that their daughter was safe. Every night, Aizaela prays that she will find a companion traveler.
Skills and Abilities
Standard Skills: N/A
Techniques: N/A
Unique Abilities:
• Major: Clarity – Aizaela will relax her mind and ease herself during battle. She will restore all of her magic pool and physical energy every 10 of her posts.
• Major: Family Locket – Aizaela was gifted with a locket that her family gave her as a remembrance of them on her travels. After 20 of her posts in a single topic, all her stats will return to their normal state and then double for 2 posts.
• Major: Angels Right of Passage - Once Aizaela raises her abilities and travels through entering into every kingdom lastly entering into Heaven's Salvation where she will take her rightful passage entering into Tennin City as a festival will take place to finish her rebirth into a full Angel. (Requirements: 1. Reach level 20. 2. Travel to every kingdom finally traveling to Heaven's Salvation visiting Tennin City lastly. Once all requirements are met she will become a full Angel instead a half Elf Half Angel.)
• Minor: Educated – The amounts of books she reads gives her plus 1 Intelligence.
• Minor: Starting Weapon - Aizaela is given a one-handed shortsword.
• Major: Clarity - Aizaela will only be able to use half her strength, speed, and dexterity for 4 posts after recovering all her magical energy and physical energy.
• Major: Family Locket – If she loses her locket, she will lose half of her current stats and she can’t gain "Clarity", until she can retrieve it. Now while the locket is on if her health goes down below half its normal amount she will not be able to focus enough to use her "Clarity" or be able to double
• Major: Angels Right of Passage - Once all the requirements are met, and Aizaela chooses to become an angel and leave her elven race, she will go back to level 1. Aizaela keeps her Standard Skills and Techniques, but she can't perform her Techniques until she has the suitable stats to perform them. Anything she has found along the way are discarded and she must start anew. She will also keep her starting weapon, gold she currently has, and her other Unique Abilities.
• Minor: Educated – The sheer amount of books she’s read left her with less fit body. She loses 1 Strength
• Minor: Starting Weapon - Given a starting weapon, she has more weight to carry. Loses 1 Constitution/Stamina.
• Constitution/Stamina: 10 - 4 - 2 - 1 = 3
• Dexterity: 3 + 1 = 4
• Speed: 3 + 1 = 4
• Strength: 2 + 1 - 1 = 2
• Intelligence: 6 + 1 + 1 = 8
• Wisdom: 6 + 1 + 1 = 8


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