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Zaka Hikaru (WIP)

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Zaka Hikaru (WIP) Empty Zaka Hikaru (WIP)

Post by Zaka Hikaru on Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:41 am

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name:Zaka Hikaru
User Type:
Body Type: Muscular; Slender.
Personality: Zaka was raised in the Heaven's Salvation Kingdom. He practiced and trained much in prayers, combat, and other areas. With that in mind, he became a very responsible and determined individual. He always admired followers of Religion which was his drive in becoming a Paladin. He's quite friendly and tries to help people the best he can. Some can describe him as being "Bright", due to his over zealousness to keep the world free from evil and making sure people are treated fairly. Zaka is known to be an intelligent tactician. He's one of the best to detect flaws and taking down foe the quickest and easiest way in a small span of time. He's also not one to coward down, but knows when it's smart to retreat a battle instead of dying on the field. Zaka, however, shows no tolerance towards evil entities. His natural enemy are the demons and spirits that invest the world, and will show no mercy in dealing with them.

Zaka has been known to be very friendly. He can get along with nearly anyone whether it be a bitter-friendly relationship or a close one. Aside from his blight outer appearance, he has been known to be quite a sadist when dealing with evil foe. His combat style reflects his inner personality, usually dealing vital blows with a bludgeon or shield. He's been known to become brutish and easily angered when in combat. He is usually ticked off by naive or stupid actions which cost heavily to someone innocent. Whenever Zaka is alone, he spends his time studying or practicing. He tries to better himself the most he can to become a useful vanguard for his people.

Despite being a follower of religion, he acts like an ordinary guy with habits one could have such as laziness and all that.

Extra Info: (Optional)
Origins: Heavens Salvation
Current Kingdom: Heaven's Salvation Kingdom
The Background
Skills and Abilities
Standard  Skills:Mixed Martial Arts- Level 1
Techniques: None
Unique Abilities:
Major: Sense Motive: Zaka can easily tell whether another person is evil after being trained in the holiest places, lying is a sin. Zaka can tell whether the truth is being told or when someone is trying to hide their evil or malicious nature.
Minor: Righteous Might: An additional three stats (2 Con, 1 Str) added due to the divine powers given by being a follower.
Major: Lawful Good: Failing to follow the Lawful Good ways would make Zaka lose his powers. Any Paladin powers or abilities will be loss unless a donation is made at the Church (100 GP). This means failing to kill evil, failing to help ones below you, and that kind of stuff.
Minor: Donations: Zaka donates 1/4 of his weekly paycheck to his Church.
Constitution/Stamina:6+2= 8
Strength:6+1= 7
Role-play Sample: (Optional)

Zaka Hikaru

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