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Post by Kon on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:44 pm

Shortly after meeting up with the elderly lady and taking her job request to find her cat; Kon went directly to the nearest district to find the cat. Kon could easily tell this area was not as nice as the Central District, but was still very nice and quite large. Kon had a lot of area to cover and wanted to complete this as soon as possible. Kon walked down the main street looking for people running into a few that was not able to help him. Kon spent nearly an hour asking the locals coming up with nothing thinking that this cat mustn't have taken any normal path maybe staying away from people. So Kon started going down the smaller streets seeing some minor little entry ways into apartments.

After just a couple of minutes someone opened their door holding some small empty milk bottles. Kon thought to himself for a moment, 'Well maybe she may know something.' Kon quickly came up to the lady saying to here, "Excuse me madam may I ask you a couple of questions?" The lady turned to look at him asking, "What can I help you with?" The lady just smiled at him waiting for him to ask his questions. "Well I was wandering if you may have seen an orange long haired cat recently." The lady just smiled and giggled lightly, "I guess you are the one looking for Mister Whiskers then." Kon looked at her curious wandering how she would have known saying to her, "Why yes I am how did you know if I may ask." The lady smiled more saying to him, "Well you are one of many people looking for that cat. It escapes about once a month going on a little trip; it likes to stay off the main paths and I have gotten use to it coming by so when I see it I give it some of my whole milk. It tends stay around here for a day or two then goes on its way." Kon finally got some good news on how to find the cat; so he asked her real quick, "So how long has it been since you saw Mister Whiskers?" She took a moment and replied back, "Well I guess it has been only a day so there is a chance he is near by I was actually going to leave a saucer of milk out for him, but I guess since your looking for him there is no need too." Kon quickly replys back, "No go right on ahead if he comes by you can let me know then it will be a good place to come back to if need be." The lady nods going back inside to get the saucer of left over milk coming back out to see Kon still waiting there. Kon said to her finally, "Thank you for the information and I hope you have a fine day madam." With that Kon bowed and stood back up taking a quick leap up towards the side of the building pushing off the building making him go higher up towards the building next to it. Kon bounced from building to building like a pin ball bouncing around in a little machine until he finally vanished from her sights reaching the roof tops.

Word Count: 556
Entrance Post
Health: 20
Magic Energy Pool: 25 | +35MGM  
Physical Energy Pool: 30 | +35PGM
Actions: No Actions Required

Lost Whiskers:
Job/Mission: Lost Whiskers
Rank: E-Rank
Description: An old lady has lost her cat and is looking for some one to take on the job of searching for it. She would like you to search all over Seiryu City Starting in the central District.
1. Meet with old lady in in the Central District take the job. (Only one post is required)
2. Search in each District in Seiryu City.
3. Find cat in any district of your choice must be the last district you search.
4. Return cat to old lady in Central District. (Only one post is required)
- 20 Gold
- Healing Potion, Small

Health: 20
MEP: 25 | +1MN1  
PEP: 30 | +22PB1
Standard Skills:
Energy Control Magic Novice Level 1 (MN1)
Energy Control Physical Beginner Level 1 (PB1)
Con/Sta: 14 | -4Str: 8 | +2
Dex: 10• Int: 15 | +2
Spe: 15Wis: 15 | +2

End Post:

[right][b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Entrance/Exit Post[/b]
Health: 20
Magic Energy Pool: 25 [color=cyan]| +1MN1[/color]  
Physical Energy Pool: 30 [color=cyan]| +22PB1[/color]

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