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Sarifa Elizabeth Mictian

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Sarifa Elizabeth Mictian

Post by Lady Mictian on Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:18 am

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name: Sarifa Elizabeth Mictian
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Hayai Tribe
Bloodline: Beastling
User Type: Ki
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 89 lbs
Eyes: Obsidian
Hair: Ebony, long, straight and thick with layered bangs.
Body Type: Slight hourglass figure, petite in height, fair in skin, fit if not skinny but not skin and bones; she’s stronger than she looks. Measurements: 32-25-28. She wears usually native and handmade clothing from natural materials; never knowing luxury beyond what she provided for herself and her hunting trips for food or trade.
Personality: Sarifa is usually shy, cold, cautious, and antisocial at first. There are different sides to her, depending on her mood. She is almost always honest, childlike, and playful. Though she can be quite innocent, she is also a bit flirty and friendly, usually trying to help those in need when she thinks they deserve it; be careful though, she’s a bit emotionally sensitive. It takes a lot to get under her skin and lord help you if you do; she will be quick to snap at you and can be real mean. Another side to her personality though is a little cruel and cynical if not weird and creepy; don’t be surprised if you find her staring out into space having thoughts of torture or something along those lines being spoken aloud. She’s not afraid of much, tending to speak her mind without thinking of the consequences, and is highly curious; likes to explore and an openly innocent willingness to learn new things.
Extra Info: Her ears and tail are those of her animal spirit; a wolf. Her parents are deceased due to bad hunting season when she was around nineteen.
Origins: Inugami City, Rikou Kingdom
Current Kingdom: Amaterasu City, Fumtami Kingdom
The Background
Being raised along the outskirts of Inugami City, Sarifa had been taught to hunt; track, to make and mend clothes, cook and most of all survive. From a very young age Sarifa had learned to adapt to her surroundings and pay attention to what was going on in her surroundings. Though they were not like the Kyoukou they still learn to tap into their animal spirit on occasion, the young ones had learned of their importance, even taking the attributes of their animal spirit. Sarifa was a late bloomer and while most were speaking with their animal spirit at the age of eight. She did not find hers until the age of ten which had pleased her parents greatly and relieved the elders of the little colony that she lived in. As time went by, she was soon old enough by the age of eleven to go with her father to see the market where they traded goods, and sometimes food for other things. Now being able to speak with her animal spirit and connect more she found it easier to tap into her animal side but still maintain her human side as well; she thought this was the best way to have the best of both worlds at the time.

As being part of the Hayai Tribe, she was excited to be able to go into the city as it was not often that she got to go. It was an interesting first experience for her because it wasn't just loud in different than the forest she was used to but there are also different races there as well; some she had never seen before, until now. Ever since that first experience of going to Inugami City, Sarifa had gone with her father to see how he traded and always asked many questions as she was a curious if not sometimes troublesome child. But as time passed and she learned more and more, she'd grown to prefer secluded home and other places like it. Her parents were getting older as was she and her tribe had felt that it was about time to leave their home. In making these decision her small colony that was like a close knit family to her had decided to move and took the canoes across the waters far to the north. She didn't understand why but, she didn't question, either as she was still very young, about thirteen to be exact. If she had known what this change had in store she might've protested that more to stay in the warmer areas.

It was a long and tiring journey but they made it nonetheless and traveled along the thin trail in Fumtami Kingdom to the icy city of Amaterasu. It was far colder than any place Sarifa could ever remember being in her life. But it was made far less worse having her family there with her as they ventured into a new and unexplored territory for them. The first year living in the tundra was hard on the younger members of their group and it was on the older since the elders seemed to have faced this kind of territory before. It was a bit harder to hunt as food was pretty scarce but what lacked on land was made up for in fish and other such nutrition from those that lived under the ice. Through the young woman's eyes as the years passed adapting became easier and so did trade in meeting with other inhabitants. They learn to adapt and so we learned their techniques and living styles to survive. Sarifa didn't grow much and was quite small for her age; but what she lacked in size she made up for in her abilities. It was by this time that she was able to control of her ability to transform and take on the attributes of her animal spirit, the Wolf.

By her nineteenth winter, she had matured to an adult in the eyes of the elders. It had not been going well and the hunting was very scarce, scarcer than the last and colder as well. Her colony usually went in turns when it came to hunting and this time it was her parents along with two others of her colony. That wintry night as she'd waited for her parents' return she had heard terrible sounds that might've been the dismay of the rest of her family. This alone made her stand from her bed and walk outside to see what the commotion was all about. The hunting group had returned but was sad news concerning her parents; they had died from a surprise attack from snow bears and their bodies were not retrievable. This news had upset her greatly and she cried for many many months; it would be quite a long time before she recovered her ability to speak to anyone were come out of her depression. Like always, time heals all wounds and it has been a year since that horrible night.
Skills and Abilities
Standard Skills:
Unique Abilities:
Major: Lycanthopy- The natural ability to take the form and attributes of a wolf or werewolf, growing taller (about 5'9") as their limbs and muscles, along with their physical appearance being altered, including longer, sharper canines and claws. While in this form, the user's Strength, Constitution, Stamina and Speed are increased by 2 points.
Minor: Heightened senses- This ability includes a heightened sense of hearing (something can be a little over a mile away and be heard crystal clear), a strong sense of smell (able to detect what's in, say, a stew; not just stew but its ingredients), heightened sense of taste (same as the example for smell), and sight is better than most (can clearly see a beetle crawling on a tree that is 1.9 miles away).
Major: Lycanthopy- It has to be nighttime and it costs 2 EP points/post and transform back when there is only 1/4 EP remaining. It also decreases the user's Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma by 2 points. So the user doesn't go berserk but they're not as logical as they once were.
Minor: Heightened senses- These can't be turned off whenever one feels like it; it sticks. If something is too loud/high-pitched, too bright of light or strong smells it can hinder the person for two posts before they can try to get away or make it stop. (When dealing with techniques that effects sight, hearing, smell, and/or taste causes double for its effect for example a flash-bomb renders a person blind and deaf for 2 posts then it will be for 4 posts.)
Constitution: 6 -2 = 4
Dexterity: 3 +3 = 6
Speed: 3 +3 = 6
Stamina: 7 -1 = 6
Strength: 2 +1 = 3
Charisma: 4 -2 = 2
Intelligence: 3
Wisdom: 4 -2 = 2
Role-play Sample:
Opening Post to a masquerade roleplay:
The lady of the house was checking a few things before she heard the coach pull up to her manor. Her personal servant took her hunter green evening coat from the closet and draped it around her shoulders. Knowing she was running late, Ms. Mictian grabbed her fan and purse real quick and walked out of the manor with a last wave to her butler. She was going to meet her cousin there. Guessing it was alright, she got into the coach and sat on the left side alone. Her mind wandering back to thoughts of her childhood and good times. If she thought about the bad then it would just put her in a foul mood, which she didn't want. She would see her cousin soon enough, then to the ball for a first since her husband passed.

Keeping her cloak wrapped around her, she shivered a little as the cold but gentle wind caressed soft, pale skin. It would be a while before they got there, so she took light of the surroundings as the carriage jostled just a little from a dip in the cobblestone road here and there. Her ebony hair was pulled back into the ball coiffure style and hardly any make-up. It wasn't easy on her own but it was an accomplishment, she thought to herself, slowly drowsing off. Closing her eyes slightly, she let her mind wander once more. It would be a long ride for a long night.

It was an hour before she felt the motion of the carriage halt gently. Opening light silver eyes, the young woman looked around once more. The area was fairly secluded besides Mr. Hatter's home, she noted to herself. With a soft sigh, she got out the invitation from her matching purse and looked at it once more, and placing on her mask, before a servant came and got her door for her. Stepping out with his assistance, she kindly thanked him and then went to the beginning of the entrance steps. Ms. Mictian looked around anxiously before sighing in relief. A tall young man that she recognized was walking up to her, bowed and led her inside courteously. Her cloak still keeping her outfit a secret.

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Lady Mictian

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Re: Sarifa Elizabeth Mictian

Post by Phantasimo on Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:26 pm

I love it! :3

Re-approved :'D

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Re: Sarifa Elizabeth Mictian

Post by Rez on Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:35 pm


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Re: Sarifa Elizabeth Mictian

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