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The Start of a New Journy for an Old being

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The Start of a New Journy for an Old being Empty The Start of a New Journy for an Old being

Post by Phantasimo on Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:20 am

With a light stretch, David entered the outskirts of Amaterasu City with a curious expression. "Geeze... it's pretty chilly here.. But it's not too bad here.. This place is the place where I will be starting my new journey to get stronger and search for the other Dragons, cursed and the ancient ones. Though... it may be a while before I find the ancient ones. Hopefully I can find other cursed dragons, but I cannot just go flaunting my wings and claws, that will just scare people. Hmm... well I could probably smell them out... maybe.. Oh well, it'll work out somehow! First things first, I should probably head to the shopping district.. I can definitely find some weapons there and start training, I'm thinking of dual wielding.." He spoke in a monologue to himself, deciding on what he was going to be doing from now on. He thought back a bit on as he was simply traveling and meeting new people, in a way, for him this curse was gift, though he does wish to see his original form. But, for the moment, he is content in meeting new people and trying new foods that he couldn't try that were made by the humans. "Anyway, weapons.. I can try out new foods later on if I still have some money." He muttered as he pulled out his satchel and counted the gold he had with him as he started to walk further into the town with a light smile on his face.

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