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Types of Users

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Types of Users Empty Types of Users

Post by Kon on Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:23 pm

Types of Users

Chakra Users
Chakra users are characters that use chakra as a special ability to create three different base types of Jutsus known as Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. Constitution/Stamina and Wisdom makes up the total amount of energy the Chakra user has.

Ki Users
Ki users are characters that use Ki to create pure energy or to increase ones own physical attributes. Dexterity and Wisdom makes up the total amount of energy the Ki user has.

Magic Users
Magic users are characters that use Magic energy to use Magic at their own will to make multiple different kinds of out comes. Intelligence and Wisdom makes up the total amount of energy the Magic user has.

Physical Users
Physical users are more of normal kind of character all characters have Physical energy, but Physical energy users have twice as much physical energy since a physical users main focus is purely on physical energy. Constitution/Stamina and Strength equals the extra energy pool physical users have.

Spirit Users
Spirit users are characters that use Spirit energy to utilize special abilities that are normally unique to the user. Strength and Wisdom makes up the total amount of energy the Spirit user has.

Adept Users
Adept users are a special kind of character that are capable of learning more than one type of energy. The only thing is Adept users are not able to learn the two abilities to its full extent so the two abilities they choose to learn will be cut in half when determining the amount of energy for that ability goes into that pool.
*Note* Always round down when calculating your amount of energy.

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Types of Users 80x15

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