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Lost Whiskers Job [Job/Mission - Private]

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Lost Whiskers Job [Job/Mission - Private] Empty Lost Whiskers Job [Job/Mission - Private]

Post by Kon on Tue Jul 16, 2013 8:11 pm

Kon walked up to the large house in Seiryu City where the flyer for the job was at to be taken. He walked up to the front door knocking on it waiting for the Lady of the household to answer. All the sudden the door had opened, but to his surprise it was not an old lady answering the door, but a young man. As the young man opened the door he said to Kon, "Good evening sir may I ask why you have come to this residence?" Kon looked at the man with momentary surprise and replied back, "Well I have come here to take the job requested about the lost cat." The man nodded and said back to Kon, "Well then please come in and follow me." Kon nodded and walked on in as the young man closed the door behind him. Kon could easily see that the young man was in a butler uniform knowing that he must be the lady of the houses butler. Kon began to follow the butler into the house as they walked through a large entry way into what would appear to be the living room. Kon looked around as the butler began to say, "If you do not mind please sit in here and her ladyship will be in, in just a moment." Kon nodded and answered shortly, "Yes I shall." Kon goes and sits down on the large couch towards the center of the room in front of the center coffee table.

After just a few minutes the butler came in announcing that the lady of the house was going to be entering in a moment. The moment he spoke those few words an older lady entered in saying to him, "You know I have told you many times that you don't have to be so formal and announce my entrances." The old lady turned around saying to Kon, "I am sorry he always does this with guest, but he did inform me you are her for the job I posted correct?" Kon nodded and replied to her, "Well ma'am yes I have, all I really need is the details and I can go on my way." The old lady smiled and said to him, "Well you are most certainly straight to the point; well as you wish. I have lost my cat and I am needing to find it; please bring my cat home. The last place I saw my Mr. Whiskers was in the Inner District, which is where I had lost him. Feel free to ask around I am sure the people in each district will recognized my cat. It is an orange long haired cat that is thin, but well built; he will respond to its name, but it likes to play cat and mouse so it will run and even try to attack you from time to time." Kon nodded and said to the old lady, "Very well I will find your cat and come back here as needed it shouldn't take to long thank you for the information on your animal." Kon bowed to the old lady accepting the job ready to leave; the butler nodded understanding that he has taken the job and that he was ready to get on the way. Kon walked towards the door as the butler followed opening the door for him as he walked out Kon nodded to the butler thanking him in a way ready to head out on his job.

Word Count: 587
Entrance and Exit Post
Health: 20
Magic Energy Pool: 25 | +35MGM  
Physical Energy Pool: 30 | +35PGM
Actions: No Actions Required

Lost Whiskers:
Job/Mission: Lost Whiskers
Rank: E-Rank
Description: An old lady has lost her cat and is looking for some one to take on the job of searching for it. She would like you to search all over Seiryu City Starting in the central District.
1. Meet with old lady in in the Central District take the job. (Only one post is required)
2. Search in each District in Seiryu City.
3. Find cat in any district of your choice must be the last district you search.
4. Return cat to old lady in Central District. (Only one post is required)
- 20 Gold
- Healing Potion, Small

Health: 20
MEP: 25 | +1MN1  
PEP: 30 | +22PB1
Standard Skills:
Energy Control Magic Novice Level 1 (MN1)
Energy Control Physical Beginner Level 1 (PB1)
Con/Sta: 14 | -4Str: 8 | +2
Dex: 10• Int: 15 | +2
Spe: 15Wis: 15 | +2

End Post:

[right][b]Word Count:[/b]
[b]Entrance/Exit Post[/b]
Health: 20
Magic Energy Pool: 25 [color=cyan]| +1MN1[/color]  
Physical Energy Pool: 30 [color=cyan]| +22PB1[/color]

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