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Currency Guidelines/Job/Mission Request info

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Currency Guidelines/Job/Mission Request info Empty Currency Guidelines/Job/Mission Request info

Post by Kon on Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:55 pm

Currency Guidelines
The type of Currency on Anime Universe is Gold Pieces; every item costs at least something on the site. There are two ways to gain money

1. You gain a starting amount of 20 gold pieces when you create your character.
2. Every Friday your character will automatically gain 20 Gold pieces to spend. You have to keep track of this yourself.
3. You can request for jobs or missions to go on to earn extra gold pieces for your character.

Requesting a Mission
What you need to do is post in the forum "Job/Mission Registration" there you will post the code below to request the Job/Mission. Once a mod approves the Job/Mission you can go on ahead and complete the Job/Mission and collect what you earned from it. All Job/Missions only need one staff member to approve them.

[b]Job/Mission:[/b] The Title of the job/mission.
[b]Rank:[/b] Rank of the job/mission.
[b]Description:[/b] A description of the job/mission.
[b]Requirements:[/b] What requirements besides the rank that are need to complete the job/mission.
[b]Reward:[/b] The reward you will gain after completion.
*Note* Once the job is completed post completed and provide a link for a mod to approve.

Job/Mission difficulty Ratting
Requirement info
Minimum posts required

  • E-Rank: At least 8 posts required to complete
  • D-Rank: At least 16 posts required to complete
  • C-Rank: At least 24 posts required to complete
  • B-Rank: At least 32 posts required to complete
  • A-Rank: At least 40 posts required to complete
  • S-Rank: At least 48 posts required to complete
  • SS-Rank: At least 52 posts required to complete

Reward info

  • E-Rank: 20 to 30 Gold Pieces; one store item.
  • D-Rank: 30 to 50 Gold Pieces; two store items.
  • C-Rank: 50 to 80 Gold Pieces; three store items.
  • B-Rank: 80 to 200 Gold Pieces; two store items and one custom or rare item.
  • A-Rank: 200 to 350 Gold Pieces; three store items and two custom or rare items.
  • S-Rank: 350 to 800 Gold Pieces; three custom or rare items.
  • SS-Rank: 800 to 1,000+ Gold Pieces; 5ive custom or rare items.

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Currency Guidelines/Job/Mission Request info Empty Purchasing Items From Shops

Post by Kon on Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:52 pm

Purchasing Items
When purchasing items make sure at the bottom of your in character post place the items you bought how much the items were and how much gold you have and the amount you have left after the purchase.
Purchase Code:
[right]Total Gold: (Total amount of gold you have)
Items Bought: (Items Purchased)
Cost: (Cost of items together)
Total Gold after payment:(Total amount of gold after payment)[/right]

David soon came upon Cassius Equipment Shop in the shopping district and looked at the two story building from the outside, deciding whether or not to enter. "Hmm... it looks like this may be the only equipment shop.." He muttered as he looked at the stone and wood building. He could see smoke rising from the building, meaning that the owner was in at the moment. He went closer to the building and entered through the heavy wooden door and entered, making sure to close the door again so the warm air wouldn't escape. He was in a medium sized room where there were weapons hanging from the walls, he could see bows, swords, javelins, axes, spears, daggers, arrows in in a container near the counter and even greatsword hanging on the wall behind the counter. "Wow.. at least they have quite the selection.." He said in surprise as he could see light armors light up on a nearby wall, and according to a sign they even sell meals and health potions. Soon a thin, but strong looking man came out from the back and saw David, "Good afternoon, how may I help you?" The man asked politely with a light bow of greeting. The man had thin black hair, dark green eyes. His body type was a thin athletic build, most likely because he works with weapons a lot, he had some wrinkles on his face, revealing that he was on the older side and may had been doing this job for many years. David nodded lightly to the man before answering, "Yes.. I'm here to buy a weapon for myself. I believe I would like a sword... do you possibly have one-handed longswords?" He questioned the owner curiously as the owner smiled a bit. "Of course." The owner started as he went around the counter and brought David to a wall close to the counter that had quite a few longswords hanging there. He took one off the wall and handed to David to try, "Here, try it out." He said to David as he held the sword in his right hand and swung it a bit and smiled. "I like it.." He started and thought of something, "Could I have a second one to try?" He finished with a request with the owner giving him a weird look before taking a second longsword off the wall and handing it to him. He held the second sword in his left hand and swung it a bit before swinging the other sword again and then swinging them both. "Perfect.. I will buy them both!" David said cheerfully as he took the two swords and placed them on the counter and brought out his satchel. The owner nodded and grabbed two black scabbards for the longswords and put each of the two longswords on the counter into them, "Understood, that'll be 30 gold please." The owner replied with a nod as David counted out the amount and gave it to the owner who confirmed it. "Have a nice day then." He said to David who nodded with a smile as he hung onto his back in an "X" shape and left the Shop.

[Number of words: 532]
Total Gold: 40
Items Bought: 2 One-Handed Longswords
Cost: 30 Gold
Total Gold after payment: 10 Gold

Posts : 1228
Experience : 3325
Join date : 2012-08-29
Age : 30
Location : Wisconsin

Character sheet
Character's Name: Kon
Level: 5
User Type: Adept User (Magic and Physical)

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