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Hybrid Chapter 3

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Hybrid Chapter 3 Empty Hybrid Chapter 3

Post by Yuji on Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:01 pm

I posted this on my DA and account:


With Ikuto dead or nearly dead… as soon as Nagi and Kuukai leave Ikuto where they need him to be but what surprises them was that Ikuto was suddenly dead. To their shock they try rushing back in when Gabriel stops them and tells them that Ikuto is dead, to not let their emotions get the best of them they needed to be strong. Swallowing their tears and emotions the two left and nodded sadly as they headed to their homes. Kuukai went to his family and broke the news to them, they didn't approve of Ikuto at first but they eventually accepted him into their family, despite the mischievous things he did to them from time to time. When he was accepted he had stopped them saying they were childish. As Kuukai's family cried he had to hold in his tears as he headed into his room, a man wasn't supposed to cry. When he arrived at his room however, he locked the door and slumped against the door as he let his emotions out and started to cry, cry for his fallen comrade, his brother.

Nagi broke the news to Rima who had been shocked to hear this and what was worse, was …..

Chapter 3: Life continues and the forgotten…cry?


I woke up suddenly as I was half asleep; my blue eyes scanned my surroundings. As I rubbed my eyes tiredly I saw the white walls in my room, there wasn't much color except the plain white walls and a few posters. I had two small cabinets that were white in the room and one that was bigger and it looked like a clothes drawer that was against the wall. The symbol or carving on that black drawer was a cross, a white wing on one side, and a red wing on the other. Scrunching my eyebrows in confusion I wondered what that meant but shook it away as I looked at the night table next to my bed it was a small two and a half feet tall table that had a dark blue clock, a lamp, and a letter. I grabbed the letter and began to read it,

'Dear son,

I know you will have a long road now that you don't remember much of your memories due to your amnesia but I hope that someday you recover them. I know that there might be life changing and threatening events that will happen but fret not; you will have friends around you that will help you and support you. I hope that you live a peaceful life in the days to come and be careful who you fall in love with my son. For if you fall for the wrong girl you may end up regretting it. For now I won't be at your side but I will be watching over you Utoki, I leave you with this house and the small fortune I was able to save up in case anything happened to me and your mother.

Your father,


As I read the letter over again I wondered who this 'Ikuto' was and felt a sharp pain in my head. "ahh! Ugh!" I yelled as I clutched my head due to the pain just reading the name Ikuto gave me a headache. After a few minutes the pain started to reside as I laid down on my double bed, closing my eyes I tried to relax and let the pain reside. Once the pain was gone I sat back up as the black satin sheets fell down, and I got out of the bed. I didn't remember sleeping in the nude, as I headed to the black cabinet that held the majority of my clothes while the small ones held my underwear, shirts, and jeans. Opening the black cabinet I grabbed a coat and a pair of black jeans that had belt buckles that I would tighten on the knees, and the waist. Walking to one of the white cabinets I grabbed some underwear and a shirt as I began to dress for today. "School.." I mumbled as I finished dressing my lower half and was now putting on a shirt. As soon as I put on my shirt, the doorbell rang. I sighed and headed to the door, ruffling my hair as I stepped out of my room into the hallway I froze and looked around. The house itself was clean with the walls as white as my room, the scent of fresh violets evident in the air; the hall was neatly decorated with a few tables and portraits. From where I stood I was on the second floor and headed to down the stairs to go down to the first floor and to the front door. The living room was to the right when I finished walking down the stairs. I heard the doorbell ring again and I sighed as I headed toward the left of the stairs that led to wooden floors to the door. Once I opened the door, "Utoki! I've missed you!" came a female voice that I didn't recognize fully yet, she was there when I had woken up at the hospital a day ago.

~Flashback~ (A/N. Making it bold since I had used italics and I didn't want to confuse you guys)

I had opened my eyes with this girl who had black silky raven hair, with light green eyes was looking at me as she held my hand with a worried expression. Confused I tried to sit up only to get a massive headache one that had made me scream in pain. "Utoki!" the girl says in a desperate and worried plea that confuses me as a nurse enters the room and tries to get me to lay back down as she gives me something for my pain.

Laying back on the pillow the nurse looks at my vitals and I ask, "How? Who?.." I get caught off when I hear her dry and tired tone, 'Mr. Tsukiyomi, please rest. You have been sleeping for a while now. Let me check your vitals and I will inform the doctor, who will explain to you in more detail.'

Sighing I gave up and felt frustrated, when I did the lights in the room flickered and my eyes widened when a light bulb in the room suddenly exploded, causing the girl to scream and the nurse to shriek as she rushed out of the room. Biting my lip I wasn't sure what was going on as confusion swirled around in my mind. I looked to the small, shivering hand intertwined with mine as I turned to look at the girl in the dark. I couldn't see anything as the lights in the hallway seemed to have been shut off, I tightened my grip on the girl and she seemed to have relaxed a little. "Utoki…" the girl's quiet and quivering voice spoke to me. I only smiled in the dark, and somehow I felt an immediate shot of adrenaline course through my veins as if I enjoyed what was happening.

It didn't take long for the silence to engulf us in this awkward atmosphere, as I readied myself to ask her, "Ano,.." I was cut off when the lights miraculously turned on in the hospital and a doctor entered my room, silencing anything I wanted to ask the girl. The doctor looked like a stern doctor but he cleared his throat and moved his glasses up as he addressed me, ' Mr. Tsukiyomi, do you remember anything?' I nod no. 'I see, well you did hit your head pretty hard before coming here. You were in a fatal car accident where your father died instantly and you were the only survivor. We honestly didn't believe you were going to survive, since you had a 20% chance you would survive.' He continued as my eyes widened in shock, my family? My head started to hurt when the yellow eyes, full of sorrow were somehow engraved in my mind. The girl who had been holding my hand suddenly tightened her grip, turning to look at her she was very worried and close to tears. 'Mr. Tsukiyomi, I am very sorry for your loss, and I am afraid there is more you are suffering from amnesia. It can take months or even years for you to regain them, so please do not fret.' He told me as I felt annoyed and angry but I just couldn't place the reasons for those emotions or why I felt angry at myself for not being able to remember anything.

I couldn't do anything as the doctor took my silence for time to leave me alone, as he and the nurse left the room. I turned my gaze at the girl and finally asked, "Who are you?" when I asked her, her emerald green eyes held within them sadness and shock as her lip trembled. "I-I..My name is Samantha, Utoki. Samantha Fernandez, your girlfriend." "Eh!?" I replied in shock as I looked at the black haired girl, 'I have a girlfriend? Why can't I remember? I don't see how I would date her..' I thought as she looked down due to my reaction but I had no reason to believe she was lying as I asked, "How long?" 'Eh? Oh three months. Were in a few of the same classes in high school you are seventeen and I am sixteen.' Samantha told me as I tried to take in this information.

~End of flashback~

As I was hugged I put on a fake smile, I was happy to see her but I wasn't sure how I was supposed to react or feel in this situation. I still felt the pain from my injuries from the car accident, they still hadn't fully healed. Hiding my pain as I winced lightly I pushed Samantha gently away from me, I was greeted with a warm and loving smile. Her emerald eyes showed the love she had for me and it took my breath away as I smiled and moved from the doorway to let her enter my home. I was living alone since I had lost my family. It had been a few days since Samantha had come visit me; a classmate had done so yesterday as I had gotten the homework I needed to do. I had also finished the homework a previous classmate and Samantha had brought me, so my classmate took it to turn it in. He didn't seem like a bad person, the guy was the class representative from what I was told, his green hair and his glasses were a bit odd, but then again so was my blue hair.

As I closed the front door and followed Samantha in my living room, I sat down slowly next to her, she leaned her head gently on my shoulder as I smiled at her and we started to discuss how our day was. I had told her about the call the doctor had given me about being able to back to school starting tomorrow, even though my injuries were still healing. It brought a smile to my girlfriend's face as she kissed me on the lips and I felt something dark heat up in my heart as I kissed her back, a little possessive. It surprised both of use but we kept kissing and before long it turned out to be a make-out session for several minutes before we calmed down and turned the tv to watch something together.

~In another place unaffected by the time in the human realm~

As Nagi and Kuukai had returned with Ikuto's body they left him with God and after that they had left. They had no idea what was happening or what would happen. Unfortunately an angel that had been killed rarely happens and what really happens when their life is gone or in suspended animation is unknown to all the angel's that inhabit heaven. An hour after Kuukai and Nagi had left, Souko Ikuto's mother had been summoned and told the news of her son. Sadly she had a choice to make, as she spoke to god about what would happen next. He smiled at her choice and was saddened himself when one of his people as well as child had been finished off because of a demon. Accepting Souko's wish her son's lifeless body began to glow as it disappeared leaving nothing but white feathers in its wake. Biting her lip Souko's purple eyes were filled with sadness for her son, but she had to be strong. She could not go back on her wish, after all god had been so nice to Ikuto and treated him as he was another angel despite Souko's mistake when she had fallen for Ikuto's father. He could not control his children's emotions as they carried his will, desire, thoughts and feelings for the light and the good. Though there were times that the angel's themselves were led astray and sin or turn to the darkness. Even though in the past Souko had sinned she wasn't affected by her sin as her heart remained as pure as her devotion to her father and leader.

Soon after Souko left the summon's quarters a single tear fell from her eyes as she headed to her home. As news of her son Ikuto's death, which shocked all of the angels in heaven not being able to believe it, if anything they would have believed he would be a fallen, or voluntary leaver in heaven. His death was something no one had wanted or expected to happen to that trickster who would cause disturbance but had always made those around him laugh and enjoy things to the fullest. That day the angels cried for losing one of their own, their brother who was a troublesome fellow but well loved by everyone. As everyone gathered to remember the deceased angel, everyone shed tears all but one. That person was Souko as Nagi and Kuukai glanced her way as Gabriel was talking about the good and bad qualities of Ikuto, something's made others laugh as his mischiefs were remembered. Nagi and Kuukai, as well as Rima laughed with the others but in the two boys mind they were unsure of something. They didn't believe an angel could die, only got their soul disrupted and that they would be reborn as an angel. Then again they knew that Ikuto was a newborn and half-breed. They had no idea what could happen but if he was really dead they would not go against the word of god.

~A few days later~

In the heaven realm, Kuukai, Nagihiko and Rima were suddenly summoned for an assignment. One that seemed to have great importance, the boys hoped it had something to do with what happened to Ikuto but when they arrived in the summoning room, they lost their hopes. It didn't go unnoticed by God as he asked them, "Is there something you are worried about, that you need to ask?" The boys immediately looked at god shocked and nodded as they looked at each other. Of the two Nagihiko who was more calm replied, "We.. we wanted to know what really happened to Ikuto. He isn't really dead is he? His mother didn't even cry." Sighing God replied, "Indeed Souko didn't cry when she was in a crowd but she is Ikuto's mother and the one who received the news of his death. In short, her heart sealed the pain in order to not fall into anger and commit a sin." He paused to let them sink this information before he continued, "As for Ikuto, in Souko's wish he would be safe until he reawakens or reborn; you all know he is a half-breed. Your mission now is on earth, and I will have you go there, undercover in order to find three other half-breeds that have started to act up. Two are living peacefully but recently you might have felt the presence of one half-breed that is starting to drift into the darkness. You are to go there and observe them, if you can befriend them and find out if they are angels if they are, guide them to the correct choice." He finished as Nagihiko and Kuukai looked at each other surprised before they felt a dark jolt of energy coming from the human world. Shocked they nodded as they looked at Rima who only nodded at their new mission.

Nagi and Kuukai had been happy to hear that Ikuto was in a state of suspended animation, they didn't like the fact that they didn't know where he was as their new mission threw off any other questions they had. They also felt restless and didn't doubt god but the shred of darkness in their heart didn't disappear as their new mission distracted that darkness as their purpose for life was to bring light and their father's wishes which were also their wishes. If they had to find other half-breed angels, there was no doubt in their mind that they would have to kill if things didn't go well. It always saddened them when they lost people to the darkness but they helped them move in the right direction as they could. They of course couldn't pick for the person, as the all looked at each other they bowed and left the summoning room to prepare in order to head to earth. Nagihiko and Kuukai were slightly worried for that dark energy they had sensed earlier.

A few hours later, the trio were ready to descend to earth to complete their mission, one in which they would be known as fallen angels…

~A few days later in the human world~

It had been a few days since Utoki had returned to school and the entire school seemed to rejoice, as his class had a welcoming party that surprised the still recovering Utoki, the rest of the school however started to spread a rumor. A rumor that involved Utoki being called the king of the school, Samantha the queen, and a rumor about two new students joining the third years. Samantha being a year younger than Utoki, was a second year, meaning some of her classes were different from Utoki's. As Utoki entered his first class of the day he found a familiar face among his classmates. It was the green haired boy with glasses who stood up and approached him.

Utoki's Pov

I was had been nervous about returning to school when I was still not able to remember anyone. I had started to get more nightmares but near the end a woman, one that seemed so familiar with blond hair held me, and told me things were going to be alright. I sighed and worried as my eyes started to get clouded and I remembered the make-out me and my girl had which caused me to blush. I shook my head when I felt someone behind me as I turned to look I saw a familiar person, and I believe him to be my friend. "Kairi." I said as he smiled and raised his hand, "Morning Utoki, how are you today?" he asked me, "I'm fine, glad I am here. Hey is it true?" Nodding he replied, "Yeah, we have two new students entering our class, most likely girls." As he adjusted his glasses I grimaced, and sighed, he was about to tell me something else when the bell rang and our professor Nikaidou entered the room. He was an odd and very clumsy teacher but he did make the material we learned easy, even the homework was easy to follow despite being mad at assigning us a lot of work. I knew I could ask Kairi to help me, but I also seemed to know the material more than I had expected. When I had asked Samantha about this she said I was a really smart guy, but sometimes I found that ridiculous.

I was brought back by Nikaidou's voice, "Now class settle down and get to your seats. I doubt I have to say much but we have two new students joining us today, please come in." he said as I sighed and started to be bored, I was glad I could easily see outside of the classroom, I wasn't given a window seat but I wish I had to be imagining things like freedom out of boredom. I smiled to myself lightly remembering that after this I would get to see my girl and I didn't even pay attention to the two that had entered the room, or even paid notice to them at all. I did notice that dark aura of glares being aimed at the new students but I kept my head down and distracted as I looked at the history book and started to read. Yeah read, I didn't know why I hated to read but it was the only think I could do before I got up and left the room. Which would probably put Nikaidou in a mood that would have him give me a detention in order to lecture me on my abrupt behavior, not even me having the medical condition I have would be enough to get out of it.

I kept ignoring Nikaidou teaching as I kept reading the book and looked up to see the homework already on the board. Unlike my other teachers Nikaidou was the only one that left his homework assignments on the board before the class began. I sighed as I took out a notebook and started to do my English homework so I could slack off later or hang out my girlfriend's house. I chuckled to myself until an eraser was thrown at me, I moved slightly to the right and it missed me hitting the person behind me. I didn't bother to turn around as I heard him yell at me, "Utoki Tsukiyomi! Are you even paying attention in class?" I only nodded in response and continued to quietly work on my homework. I was glad that he didn't throw a fit like usual but you could always use his wife to throw him off. I chuckled lightly to myself when I recalled the first time a classmate had done that to scare him. It had only happened the second day I had returned to school, it was different and I felt like I belonged but at home I felt like I was being caged. I was probably being paranoid but the feelings I get from being in that house are always different and at times weird to me, letting out a sigh the bell rang signaling for the end of class. Nikaidou had reminded us about our homework, something I was halfway done with. As I packed my things I felt a tap on my shoulder, when I turned around I saw a pink haired girl with honey yellow eyes looking at me. Raising an eyebrow I asked, "What do you want?" the girl seemed taken aback when I asked that she smiled bitterly as she replied, "S-sorry I thought you were someone I had lost, since you look like him. Um, I'm Amu, Hinamori Amu." Sighing I ignored her and grabbed my back pack, and what luck had played was more annoyance as she followed me. "W-wait! Ikuto!" she said as I snapped at her and turned around, "MY NAME IS UTOKI! I'm not my father and if you want him so badly he's dead!" I yelled feeling irritated as I turned to leave not caring what the girls reaction was nor did I care.

Amu's Pov

Feeling someone nudge my side I opened my eyes that felt puffy and hurt slightly as I saw an emotionless Utau. Grimacing I was about to ask her what her problem when she spoke, "There is a chance my brother may be reborn." My eyes widened in shock as I sat up with something we demons aren't born with and would never thought we needed. For the first time in so many years I hoped, hoped that what Utau had told me was true. "Tell me more Utau!" I pleaded as she sighed and began to tell me that she had sensed something similar to Ikuto's power on earth, and there might have been a chance he had been reborn. Of course she wasn't certain since once a half-breed is dead their soul usually never returns or is reborn. I knew that Utau was right, I knew and despite that I had tortured Ikuto to the point that I had hoped his demonic self would come out, but that plan failed horrible. Getting off from my bed I turned to Utau, "This chance is better than nothing." I told her as she nodded and we both decided to head to her father in order to go to the human realm.

Heading to the demon palace so grand that many demons couldn't even come close to it depending on a demons power, level and sin. Of course the six kings that were below the King were able to enter the palace. The palace was a dark and eerie place, but it was home to many demons as our lord Tsukiyomi Aruto commanded us, despite his considered treason with an angel. Of course when Utau had been born most of the demons that despised the king were silenced with Utau's great strength and rise to power in the demon council. She was a ruthless demon, something I lacked until we met, and now we work as a team, even though at times we separate because we can't stand each other.

Walking down the black corridors with red carpet, we headed to the throne room, where the King was currently busy attending affairs of the dark council as usual. Opening the doors to the throne room, we saw the council men leaving as Aruto, who looked like Ikuto, except their hair style was different and their eyes too. We bowed as his unamused face had a slight smile, "Amu, and my dear daughter what brings you here?" he asked us. I looked at Utau who nodded and began to talk, "I have ready informed you of what Amu and I did. Bringing my half-breed brother here, we failed making his demonic blood arise, in the end he died." Utau paused as Aruto sighed and nodded, "Utau, if you fail once you will surely fail once more. Ikuto has indeed left this world. If what you both came to ask is to go to the human world I will only allow you three months. In that time you must bring back sinner's souls and a few half-breeds we have discovered. We are not sure if they are demonic or not, but if they are not you are allowed to kill them. As for anything related to Ikuto, I would advise you to give up, especially you Amu. I know you fell for my son but, he is now gone all that's left is the power he left behind that became scattered knowing those angels." Aruto said as Amu glared and was about to say something when Utau stopped her. "That's fine father, there was that possibility too." Utau replied as she looked at her father, and Amu reluctantly gave up but hoped she could meet the reincarnation of Ikuto if that possibility appeared. Nodding Aruto looked at the two and chuckled, "be careful girls" he said as he raised his hand and opened a portal to the dark night of the human world.

Walking through the portal we heard Aruto's distant voice, "Don't fall in love, and if you do you may be betrayed. Remember you are demons not humans or angels.." As his voice trailed off I muttered, "like I would fall in love again.. if Ikuto is really gone I never be able to love again." I heard Utau snicker as I glared at her, she didn't care because she was more of a demon than I. As we walked we saw a house a house that I knew would make a good shelter for us. We could easily use our powers to make it grand but knowing how humans are we didn't want to attract too much attention, at least not yet. Smiling to myself I grabbed Utau's arm and ran dragging her to the house that looked decent its light green paint outside looked uninhabitable, but to a demon anything could become home. Turning to look at Utau she nodded and raised her hand in order to scan for any humans nearby, or inside the house we were going to claim as our own. After a few minutes, she lowered her hand, "No one is near or inside. This house is abandoned why don't we take it since it would be a pain to find another place to stay for the three months." Utau replied as I smiled and headed inside the house and saw what needed to be fixed, using my dark magic I cleaned the house up and fixed it. The green walls outside had been changed to a darker green that seemed to hide well if this house was surrounded by trees. The inside walls were a yellow color, all but two rooms, Utau's room was painted with purple walls while mine were splashed with pink, black and white. Taking a break I saw the little furniture in the house but decided it was enough for the time we would be here. If anything we would bring our things from the underworld here. "Amu, we better get some rest. We need to enroll in school tomorrow morning and start my father's assignment." She said as I nodded and headed upstairs in this home that seemed to be a two story home with only a few rooms to it.

Once I entered my room, I saw the simple black bed in there. I raised my hand and cast a spell so I would have my real black queen sized bed with red and white satin covers. My three white pillows and one blue pillow were on the top of the covers. I ran to by bed and hugged my blue pillow, "Ikuto…..Ikuto….I love you…" I mumbled as my tears, the crimson tears I let out as my heart couldn't stop thinking of him, before long everything went black.

~In the morning~

I woke up with a start when Utau had slammed the door to my room open, "AMU! HURRY UP! WE'LL BE LATE!" she yelled as I groggily got up from my bed and changed into a pair of black capris with blue stripes on the side, a pair of black toms, and a white tank top along with a black chest open shirt. One last look at the mirror, I straightened my hair and hid anything that could show I was a demon as I headed down to the front of the door where my blond friend was waiting impatiently dressed in a pair of black shorts, and a white rank top and pair of black stiletto shoes. I sighed knowing that she was going to blow a fuse if we didn't leave in a few minutes as I ran to her, before I was thrown a pink and white backpack. "Hey!" I yelled at her as I closed my mouth, she was glaring at me angrily as she opened the door; I followed after her and closed the door. 'If only she wasn't my friend, if only she wasn't the underworlds princess…' I thought as I walked. No doubt we had to keep appearances by going to school since we looked like two seventeen year olds in high school, sighing I kept walking, "Hey Utau." I asked, "What?"

Normal Pov

As the two argued on their way to school, they were glad that they had a home to be in and not seek shelter like most demons did when they left the underworld, as they needed to live in the human world for only a few months. Meanwhile the group of angels that had descended from heaven were currently getting ready to head out as their caretaker, a human who believed in god's messages had given them refuge and a place to stay. Not only that the angels were all given an adoptive family that would be temporary while they lived in the human world for a year. The way they would live would be of the typical middle class families, which would help clear any suspicion if there were any in the future. As for today the angels were dressed in casual clothes or what they believed would be acceptable for the school they would be attending today. The had never really been to a school, they had always been taught by their families since their existence, so they were pretty much excited for a new experience that this world was going to give them.

As they headed out to Marriot Academy, an academy they suspected a hybrid may be in as they each wore a necklace that represented them, Kuukai a soccer ball necklace, Nagi a dance figure and Rima a clown necklace. They believed strongly in their mission and one another as they vowed never to lose another, not after losing a precious friend and brother that they still held strongly deep inside their beating heart. The pain they felt when his death was announced was something Kuukai and Nagihiko had kept inside letting only a few stray tears to fall. If they were to see the demons that caused Ikuto's death they hoped that it wouldn't come to it as they headed to school.

Yet, what the world and fate hadn't unfolded was that a new beginning and possibly a new war would begin. Treaties would be broken, deaths, souls and loves will be shattered, or will they? It will all depend on the angels and the demons now in the human world, if the scale of good and bad would tip or remain untouched. Of course no one would be able to stop the catastrophic or possibly the worst choices that would be taken, or will they? As new choices, new souls, lives and romance comes into play on both sides in order to see who could win or if new hybrids would be killed in order to save the balance and calamity of the peace now in place. Will it be a happy or chaotic ending? Will the heart win? Or will greed and lust destroy?

~A class later~

A commotion had occurred as soon as the popular Utoki was heard yelling to a new girl that the boys had their mind set in capturing except a few others that were able to resist her charm and that of the new girl. As a brunette watched from the sidelines he glared at the pink haired girl from the shadows, feeling his heart become seeded with hatred but shook those feelings as he turned around and headed to his class. Many of the girls that witnessed the scene felt bad for the new girl Amu, but knew that Utoki hated being compared to the hunk of a father he had, and there was no way he would betray Samantha the girl he loved. Smiling to themselves they were happy that Utoki had acted like that, it would have been different if he hadn't brushed the new girl aside, but the boys all had their thoughts mixed but sought the opportunity Utoki had unintentionally given them to their advantage to get close to Amu. Before any of the guys could approach her, the other girl a blond named Utau went up to her and slapped her as a sharp sound was heard. Gasps from the classroom and shocked expressions by anyone who witnessed what had just happened. Amu herself was shocked as the tears she had been letting out stopped when she was struck by her friend. Her cheek was pale before blowing into a bright red mark across her cheek where she had been struck by Utau. The next thing Amu knew she was being yelled at, "You stupid fool! Why do you think we came here!? There's no way a look alike is my brother! How pathetic are you!?" Amu looked down at the ground as she balled her fists tightly into a fist making her nails dig into her flesh to give her a wakeup call.

Standing up she wiped her tears and nodded at Utau, "You're right." She replied as she held her head high and headed back into the classroom to get her backpack before she headed to her next class. On the way to her next class she stopped momentarily before she was dragged off into the direction of her class. What she had seen seemed to break her heart, even if that boy was a look alike in her heart she felt, no she knew it was Ikuto. Shaking her head again the Amu entered her classroom, as she remembered what Utau had told her and making sure the image of that look alike kissing a girl passionately in the courtyard didn't bother her at all.

It only took three minutes for Utoki, and his girlfriend Samantha to enter into the classroom where a pair of golden eyes came face to face with sapphire blue ones. Looking down Amu sighed in slight sadness as he had entered with a girl, the same girl he had been kissing when she had entered the room with Utau, who was currently glaring at the Ikuto look-a-like. As soon as the couple took their seats the bell rang and the instructors entered the class to begin it with a lecture. Opening a red binding book open, the instructor looked at the class with her yellow eyes and smiled. "Okay class! It's math time, I hope you're ready for this." The professor named Jinxy responded as she passed out a single piece of paper that students had to write their name for attendance.

Turning her back to her students Jinxy started to explain the laws of sines, for problems. She explained the reason why if you had two angles and a side you could easily find the other side using the formula a/sinA= b/SinB= c/SinC to solve for the problem. Finding some confused faces she asked a few questions that her students certainly had about the lesson and she explained further as the confused and furrowed brows returned to a normal and knowing look.

Of course as classes were being instructed as normal a young man no older than eighteen looked at the school with a smirk. The young man's blue hair fluttered lightly in the wind as he gazed at the school with a mischievous look in his eyes. Taking a phone out he took a picture of the school before jumping off the school's walls and walked out of the school. "It's about time.." the boy said as he walked out, his voice being drifted in the wind. The wind began to change as he left as if signaling a change, a change that challenged the beginning of some and the current life of many.


"Hello? Yes.. I found the one I was looking for. Yes, Ikuto's body was confirmed, and the other boy seems.. yes. No, I will begin the game now." A voice spoke into a midnight blue phone that was shut off before the figure in the darkness vanished.

(A/N: In case you're wondering their schedules it's below:

Utoki's schedule: Period one 1English , 2Math,[Lunch] 3homeroom, 4Biology, P5E

Samanthas schedule: 1Biology, 2Math, [Lunch] 3English, 4homeroom,5 PE

Utau: English, Math,[Lunch] Biology, homeroom, PE

Amu's: English, Math, [Lunch] homeroom, PE, Biology

Nagi: Biology, English, [Lunch] PE, homeroom, Biology

Rima: Biology, English, [Lunch] PE, homeroom, Biology

Kuukai: Math, English, [Lunch] homeroom, Biology, PE )

Teachers: Nikaidou(English teacher), Yuukari (Biology), Gladine (P.E) and Jinxy(Math)

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