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MY Cage chapter 15

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MY Cage chapter 15 Empty MY Cage chapter 15

Post by Yuji on Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:57 pm

Yuji: Hi everyone.. so I didn't get any reviews.. well maybe one or two.. I am very sorry that I have taken so long to update but a lot of things have happened lately. If you followed my two stories Initiation and Hybrid's it explains there slightly. Well I am back now and it took me FOREVER to get motivation to write this thanks to drama, emotional and physical stress but here it is.

Yoru: Bad luck this year?
Yuji:….shut up…-_-

Miki: O-oh..b-but at least you updated right?

Yoru: yeah but she took her sweet time, I mean really there are other-

Yuji: *hits him with the hilt of a Katana* don't you know when to keep your mouth shut? *sighs*

Amu and Ikuto: O.o..

Yuji: what? Oh I have a little treat or challenge for my readers so here it is: 4 reviews and I will write a YoruXMiki date, 6 reviews an Amuto date, 8 reviews and a Rimahiko date. You guys make the choice if I get 10 reviews I will write all three of them! Of course if I do get 10 reviews and you have questions or requests on what to add you are more than welcome to do as. As I will answer if I get said number of reviews. :3 Spread the word if needed! XD I will look forward to the final outcome, you guys have at least a month or so to get them, before I just go and write the chapter ahead of time with no consideration but to end this series.

Yoru: So soon?
Yuji: No… it's been extended it's already 15 chapters I am planning 5 more chapters before its end. ^^"

Amu and Ikuto: Yuji doesn't own Shugo chara or any of its characters. Peach pit owns us sadly.

Yuji: Sadly I don't or there would be more YoruXMiki and Amuto moments. XD That and I only own my plot, OC's and this story itself the SC characters itself I don't. Please don't bash if the characters are OOC. ^^"

Yoru: This is too long… anyways read and enjoy!

Chapter 15:

Rima's POV

I didn't understand myself as to why I cried in an unknown guys arms, was I really that hurt and lonely without Nagihiko? I continued to cry but after a while I began to calm down as I pushed myself slightly away from the boy, "S-sorry.. I.. I didn't mean to cry on you but I couldn't.." I trailed off about to burst into tears again, but I was only patted on the head like a child but in a soothing way as I looked up at the boy who introduced himself as Yoru, "don't cry" he told me in a gentle and husky voice. Holding in a giggle I nodded looking up at him with a light smile as I began to explain to why I had cried in his arms. His facial expression showed the shock of what I told him I wasn't sure why I had just opened up to him but I did as I told him about my feelings for Nagi and being Miki's friend. Once I stopped speaking he spoke up and told me something that both shocked me and elated my broken heart, he is Miki's boyfriend. The news made my heart jump for joy as I felt some hope for my feelings with Nagi as new found tears were beginning to fall as my vision blurred. I tried holding in my tears as I spoke, "I-I…" I was interrupted by Yoru, "Let's go see Miki I'm sure she would be happy to see you… but first

I couldn't understand myself, why was I crying in another guys arms? Was I really hurt and lonely without Nagihiko? I wasn't sure of that answer as I poured my sealed emotions out of my heart and system. I wasn't sure how long I had cried until I felt a soothing hand massaging my back as if telling me it was alright that helped me calm down. I smiled to myself as I had calmed down enough and my tears started to slowly stop. Pushing the navy haired boy slightly away, "S-sorry.. I-I…. didn't mean to cry on you but I couldn't…" I trailed off as I felt my chest tighten and the tears once again threatened to fall. I was pulled out of that feeling as I felt a soft pat on my head like a child; it was a soft and caring pat as I looked up at him who only gave me a soft and gentle smile causing me to blush. The boy spoke up and introduced himself as Tsukiyomi Yoru, the second son of the Tsukiyomi family and what surprised me the most was that he was Miki's current boyfriend. When he said he was Miki's boyfriend a small thought entered my mind, 'Nagi… do I still have a chance?' He had also asked me the reason why I had broken down in tears, embarrassed I told him the truth, my emotions and hidden feelings for Nagihiko. How I had lied and said I had a boyfriend but in the end it was only a failed attempt to make Nagihiko jealous. As I looked up at Yoru he grimaced lightly and gave me a suggestion about Nagihiko, to confess and tell him the truth about my emotions. When I had told him that I couldn't because he was in love with Miki his eyes gave a momentary look of anger that quickly disappeared as he smiled at me and told me if I wanted to see Miki. I nodded to him that I did, "..but first I need to go to the bathroom and clean my face. I don't want her to see me like this… thank you.." I told Yoru as I walked to the bathroom with a light smile on my face. I had at least some weight taken off my shoulders and heart as I entered the bathroom knowing how stubborn I would be but I would have to eat my pride to ask Miki for forgiveness.

Walking to the wink I let the warm water come out before splashing it on my face then cold water, as I repeated this process for about three minutes. As I looked at a mirror in the bathroom my face looked as if I never cried, and satisfied with this I cleaned my face with a towel before exiting the bathroom. Once I was out my eyes widened in shock as I saw, "Nagi!" I whispered silently as I saw both him and Yoru fighting! Feeling worried and confused I panicked as I ran down the hall. I needed to find Miki, she could stop this as I was too small and weak to even attempt to stop them. 'Please let me find her…' I thought as I remembered we used to hang out in the roof as children and in attempt to search there I turned a corner that led me to the roof. I ran as fast as my petite body could endure, I couldn't last more than a quarter of the steps before I had to stop to catch my breath but with the boys fighting image I continued to run despite how weak and tired I felt. It took me at least ten minutes to arrive at the roof as I abruptly opened the door with tears in my eyes I was dizzy as I spotted Miki. Who rushed towards me with eyes that were scared and worried, as I fell to the ground. Someone with strong arms and a velvety smell caught me as I looked at him, my eyes watered as I saw the resemblance it had been that other guy that had been with Yoru. This one looked just like him except for the eyes; his eyes were sapphire not like Yoru's honey eyes. "Y-Yoru!.." I panted as I continued my breath was hoarse as someone handed me water that I drank as it soothed my throat. "M-Miki.. Y-Yoru and Nagi! They are fighting! You have to hurry and stop them!" I yelled my voice showing the fear that I had for the two. As Miki's eyes widened in fear and the other two the guy that looked like Yoru and a pink haired girl looked at each other before I was carried by the Yoru-look-a-like. Miki and Amu hot on his trail as they ran down the stairs, "The hallway you and Yoru bumped into me!" I yelled to the guy that was carrying me, I would have protested but if I did that we would have lost more time as we quickly arrived at the bottom of the stairs to the hallway. The guy carrying me was very agile as he quickly entered the hall, Miki and the other girl were struggling to keep up but they did their best running. As soon as we were near the guy put me down as I had caught my breath from my previous running up the stairs to the roof. As Miki and the other girl caught up Miki looked around the corner and didn't hesitate as she ran towards the two with a fearful expression. "Miki!" I called after her but it was too late she had already ran too close to them. The next thing that happened…

Miki's Pov

As I excused myself the door suddenly bolted open only reveal, "Rima!" I yelled as she looked pale with tears staining her doll like face as she collapsed. I quickly ran to her worried and panicked to see her here, since I knew she wasn't the athletic type of girl who would just run all the way here for nothing. Before I could get to her, Yoru's brother Ikuto caught her as she was about to touch the ground and pulled her to a sitting position as she yelled Yoru's name which caught me by surprise as her voice sounded hoarse and weak. Amu gave her some water which she gracefully drank as she told me what was going on and my eyes widened in shock and worry. Before anything Ikuto hoisted Rima on his shoulder and ran down the stairs, as Amu and I ran after him. To my surprise he was much faster than I had thought as I was having a hard time catching up to him as Rima yelled, "The hallway you and Yoru bumped into me!" It only took Ikuto a few minutes to make it to the bottom of the steps as Amu and I fell behind with all the stairs.

My heart thumped rapidly as I hoped Yoru and Nagi weren't really fighting but Rima wasn't one to lie to me. I felt the worry and hoped Yoru was alright, he had saved me last time without considering his own safety which scared me. 'Yoru please be okay.' I thought, seeing Ikuto stop as Amu and I finally caught up with them, he quickly dropped Rima as I looked around the corner. I gasped in shock as my eyes widened seeing the scene before me unfold Nagi has a hit on his cheek, while Yoru I couldn't see as his back was to me. My heart was caught in my throat as I ran toward them, neither of them noticed me until I was in between them as Nagi was about to punch Yoru, but I got in the way, as it was going to hit me now. I closed my eyes as I braced myself for impact but instead I felt something warm as a pair of strong arms wrapped around my shoulder and waist as I was spun around. "ugh.." I heard Yoru's pained voice as I opened my eyes and saw his golden hues change as he had been hit. A small trail of blood flowed out of his mouth as we fell to the ground. My eyes widened in fear as I saw his change, this wasn't Yoru this was a wild beast that had been hurt.

Horrified, Yoru removed himself from me and turned back to look at Nagi as he didn't wait as he punched Nagi square in the face causing him to fall back. "Y-Yoru…" I mumbled fear tracing my voice as he was about to go after Nagi again only to be stopped by his brother, "Yoru stop! Damn it!" his brother yelled as Amu tossed me something, "Miki use this." she told me as I picked up the green flower stick that suddenly caused Yoru to look at me with eyes that bore right into me as I blushed. As Ikuto let Yoru go he quickly got to his knees and acted like a cat as he crawled next to me and licked my cheek. My face turned a bright crimson as my hand moved with the item I had, as Yoru reached out for it and scared me in the process. "Miki move it, its catnip." Amu told me as it dawned on me why she had thrown it to me, as I moved my arm only to have Yoru's gaze follow it intently. He tried to grab it with his hand that was curled as if it was a paw and reached for the catnip stick I had. I let out a giggle as I was beginning to enjoy this as I got to see the different faces Yoru made, until…

Amu's Pov

Catching up to Ikuto wasn't an easy feat, that guy was really fast and something I loved him as well as hated him for. It took me and Miki a while to catch up as he put the petite girl down, as I glared at her but knew Ikuto was mine despite what just happened. As I caught my breath I saw Miki suddenly sprint and turn the corner, "Miki!" I called after her as I tried to stop her but was too late as Ikuto grabbed me by the arm. Looking at him I saw the worry in his eyes, but also the need to not intervene, because it was not our issue to meddle in for now. As the two fought I saw what Miki had done when Yoru suddenly changed in the middle of his punch, he stopped and spun around. Pulling Miki into his arms as he spun around in order to shield Miki from the punch that would have hurt her, but in the process he himself took the hit to his mid back. I gasped lightly as Ikuto's hold on my arm tightened slightly which caused me to suddenly hug him tight, we knew exactly what was going to happen as Yoru's eyes had surely changed in color. 'Amu, in my coat pocket the bag of catnip' he mumbled as I looked up at him. I could see a hint of blush as I smirked at what he was getting at and nodded. Doing as he instructed, by taking out the small bag of catnip that had a small catnip flower that was still green, unzipping the bag I let go of Ikuto and walked toward Miki, as Ikuto ran up to purple haired boy and Yoru. Yoru had just turned to punch the other guy square in the face with his hand curled slightly like a cat, another punch was about to be thrown when Ikuto grabbed Yoru, "Yoru stop! Damn it!" Ikuto said as I walked up to Miki and casually tossed the nepeta cataria to her, "Miki hurry up and move its catnip." I told her as I walked up to Ikuto who then let go of Yoru. It seemed it took her a while to realize what I gave her as she just sat there until Yoru came close to her, his eyes sparkling in innocent curiosity and joy. I held in a laugh as Ikuto and I watched the two.

We were about to give them a little more time until Miki was a little slow moving the catnip away from Yoru. Causing him to kiss or rather lick her in a cat like fashion. A giggle slipped out of my mouth as soon as I saw that but I saw Miki freeze on the spot and not move, as Yoru backed away and tilted his head curiously like a cat would. He proceeded to lick her check and when he did it seemed he was back to normal as he looked at me and Ikuto in confusion before he realized what he had done. Just as he was backing his face away from Miki she screamed a high pitched scream that startled us all. The purple haired boy and the blond shortie suddenly ran as Yoru looked shocked but pulled Miki into a hug. His face showed worry before it turned to hurt and then rage. He bit his lip as he suddenly scared us by lifting Miki in his arms and running off. I looked at Ikuto as we nodded to each other and followed Yoru.

Despite having Miki in his arms he was still quick. As we turned the corner Ikuto pulled my arm and I was suddenly swept up in Ikuto's arms. I fought a hard blush as I tried to fight him, and I would have continued if it weren't for the serious face he had on his face. The serious face that was a warning to me to not do anything foolish because something was wrong or beginning to go wrong, as it didn't take us long to arrive at the school infirmary.

As Ikuto put me down I saw Miki asleep on one of the beds and Yoru sitting on one of the chairs, his hands balled up into fists. We walked towards him as he mumbled out low for only us to hear, "Something is wrong… when I came to and hugged Miki.. I… I saw her… another man was hurting her… he.." Yoru bit his bottom lip hard enough to make his lip bleed and continued talking as Ikuto placed a firm hand on his shoulder. "he raped her.." My eyes widened in shock as I heard this and my vision was blurry, as confusion entered my mind, "How? She never leaves school and…" I trailed off remembering the incident where Yoru had called us to help him after Miki had almost been raped after being kidnapped. I couldn't understand what was going on as Miki opened her eyes slowly only to be pulled into a hug by Yoru. "Y-yoru..?" Miki as tears fell down her face and Yoru asked her about what he had seen and she shivered as she spoke, "T-that was….a-a vision…t-that will…h-happen…" her voice cracked at the end just as we heard two other people enter the room, it was the blond and violet haired duo. "Miki!" the two yelled as I moved toward Ikuto, as they approached.

Miki was still hugging Yoru when Ikuto's phone rang, and he answered. It didn't take more than three minutes before I was pulled out of the infirmary by Ikuto as we excused ourselves and closed the door. "Ikuto what's going on?" I asked him as he grimaced and told whoever he was talking to on the phone that he would call back later before he turned to be. He still had that serious look on his face, the face that made him a sexy guy as his sapphire eyes were serious but still held that naughty gleam of his. I inwardly hit myself knowing now was not the time to remember my attraction to my husband right now. His silky voice pulled me back to my senses, "My father's secretary just called me and had a message from my father. The president from Cross industries is trying to cause trouble with us for being close to Miki. Or rather he knows of Yoru's relationship with Miki is my guess. He also offered my father a handsome sum of money in order to leave and stay away from her as well. If I had explained inside, you and I know how Yoru would react." He told me as I nodded and hugged me. His large hand rested on my head, something I loved about him, as blush adorned my cheeks. "We have to make sure they aren't separated…besides I like Miki with Yoru it's fun to tease them." I replied earning a chuckle from Ikuto who wraps his arms around my waist and smirks, "Ah? A change for you, since you are usually the one teased?" Blushing I looked away and pouted.

"S-shut up." "I would Amu, but you are too cute….shit." he mumbled as I understood what was going on as I giggled and returned a smirk as his cheeks has a tint of crimson in them. "Should we head to an empty class-" I got cut off as Ikuto kissed me hard that my knees grew weak when we heard footsteps and we separated ourselves. My face was flushed as I looked at Ikuto who seemed calmer than he had been a few minutes and I shook my head, 'No, I am not disappointed.' I thought as his voice brought me back. "We better tell Yoru the party that will be taking place soon, to remind him." I nodded as I hugged him before we went back into the room.

Nagi's Pov

Our fight continued as our kicks, swings, and more were exchanged between us. No one stopped us as our fight prolonged, and I grit my teeth as I couldn't believe how good this guy was at fighting. I didn't have much experience fighting as I was raised without violence in my household except for a few instances that I had to fight others. I had surprised myself when I had first landed a punch with the guy but as things continued I started to feel tired rather quickly. He seemed to dance circle around me as I attacked him, but that just made me mad as I kept missing this guy. In the distance I heard some shouts but I didn't pay attention to it as I threw a punch when he seemed to have his guard down but then I saw light blue cross my vision. My eyes widened only to see Miki get in between me and the other darker haired boy. In mid attack I couldn't 'top myself as I tried to stop and closed my eyes not wanting to see what would happen. *Wham!* I heard my punch land as I opened my eyes as I heard a scream only to see Miki on the ground and the boy I had been fighting on the ground, my punch had hit him mid-back as he had protected Miki.

At a loss of words I bit my bottom lip as I saw him suddenly get up and look like an injured cat his eyes had slits as he stood. Without any words he suddenly punched me causing me to fall on the ground. "KK!" I clenched my teeth as I suddenly stood up about to punch him as he was going to do the same but suddenly another blue haired guy stopped both the guy who I was fighting and myself. "Yoru stop! Damn it!" the guy said as the rosette spoke to Miki. I didn't notice what she might have told Miki as I was busy trying to comprehend what was happening in front of me. It wasn't until the guy who I fought named Yoru went to Miki's side and acted like a cat, as she waved a stick of catnip about. I couldn't do anything as I was glued to the spot, continuing to watch this scene unfold. It didn't last long however with Miki suddenly freezing her actions as her glazed eyes, if I remember correctly she usually froze when she had visions. None of which she had ever told me or Rima about except that we would leave her side. As I continued to watch it seemed the guy Yoru snapped out of his trance only as we all heard Miki scream as if someone was hurting her. Snapping out of my frozen state I saw the guy carry Miki away in his arms as she had suddenly fainted. I wanted to follow when Rima suddenly grabbed me by my sleeve and I remembered why I had started to fight.

It had been because I believed Rima was being picked on, since I had seen her crying in his arms. There was another emotion but I wasn't sure what it really was as I looked down at the blond before me. I didn't get a chance to say anything as Rima glared, "Why did you initiate the fight? Nagi, why? " I took a step back as I was at a loss of words and thought of the first thing that came to my mind, "I..I was protecting your honor; he must have made you cry. Since your boyfriend isn't here, it's my job to-*slap*" I was stopped in mid-sentence as Rima had slapped me sure she was petite but if she stood up on her toes she could easily reach my chin. "Nagi you are so stupid! He didn't make me cry you did! I never had a boyfriend I only told you that because I was hurt!" she yelled at me before she ran off leaving me in shock. "W-what?" I mumbled as I fell to my knees. As I saw her retreating figure I was overcome by many different emotions, one being confusion the other being pain.

Getting to my feet I ran after Rima and it seemed an easy task as I was able to catch up to her before she opened the door. We both yelled at the same time, "Miki!" as we entered, with a phone ringing. Rima though wouldn't look behind her as I followed behind her, she only walked and it worried me as I approached Miki and the Yoru guy feeling angry as I spoke, "You may be Miki's boyfriend now but I won't let you off easy if you make her suffer like this. I will win her heart and steal her from you." I didn't think Miki would respond but when she did I sighed, feeling annoyed and relief somehow as I slumped my shoulders defeated. Biting my lip I mumbled "..So I lost.." no one seemed to notice my words as they were lost in the atmosphere of the two. The door not long after my mumbling opened letting the pair that had left enter again as they spoke of a party. It reminded me of a party my parents had informed me.

I couldn't stand this place right now as I left without a word or even letting the others notice. I didn't feel like continuing class as it was fifth period. For once in my life I was ditching classes, and I didn't have any remorse about it. I needed time and air to clear these thoughts and emotions that are beginning to eat me away. It didn't take long to step foot outside of the school, without looking back I turned the corner and started to walk. The emotions I didn't know were now showing as I continued to advance. I didn't notice I was crying until a girl came up to me and handed me her polka-dotted handkerchief. Tilting my head in confusion the girl sighed and lightly cleaned the tears that had fallen down my cheeks. Watching her carefully clean my tears reminded me of my childhood when the things I wanted were either given or taken from me.

Once she was done I smiled at the girl and thanked her, as she smiled with a blush before going on her way. Her friends were waiting for her and I smiled before I returned to walk, walk a route I wasn't sure of but I knew I had to. Looking up at the sky I kept trying to go over the feelings I was feeling, love, sadness, confusion, pain, and more that kept coming at me. "Damn it.." I slammed my hand at a post that I ended up hurting my hand as I had scrapped it but the pain of it made me realize something as I froze in my tracks, "No way…..Rima…." I trailed off as I realized something important.

Miki's Pov

I was surprised and shocked as Yoru licked my lips as if he was a cat. I couldn't get mad as my cheeks heated up and I froze in place, of course it didn't last long until I saw nothing but black. When I opened my eyes again it was pitch black as if something was blocking my eyes and my body was cold. I tried moving my arms but after a few seconds my wrists began to hurt against something cold. I shivered as the cold air hit my body, I was still in my school uniform, I concluded not knowing if that was true. Moving my head from side to side in order to get whatever was covering my eyes but I suddenly stopped when I heard footsteps echo in the distance. Thinking this was a prank I spoke up, "Y-Yoru? T-this isn't funny.." I waited for a reply but there was none as the footsteps came closer. Feeling fear quickly consuming me I heard the owner of those footsteps stop a few feet in front of me and cup my chin. My pulse quickened rapidly in fear as I spoke up, "s-stop!" only to have an unknown cold and rough hand start to caress my thigh. Feeling fear and disgust as I tried to move away only to hear a cold and rough chuckle from the person who was touching me. Moving my head to the side I couldn't seem to take off the blindfold but I felt the perpetrator's hands move up from my thighs to my stomach as they landed on my breasts. I inwardly shuddered and felt more fear as tears began to fall down my cheeks. I heard a dark and rough laugh as the man suddenly kissed me roughly as I closed my mouth shut, but that didn't help as he roughly squeezed my chest causing me to yelp in pain which let him insert his tongue inside my mouth. I screamed before I was enveloped in something warm and protective, as I felt comfortable and safe. I could no longer see anything, nor feel my wrists being tied up or the coldness I had felt earlier, all I saw was black but the warmth continued for a few minutes before I was placed on something soft.

I wasn't sure how long it was but when I opened my eyes I felt the light hit my eyes as I saw an unfamiliar ceiling. I wasn't at home as I looked to my left I saw Yoru. Who looked worried and when he saw that I was awake he pulled me into a warm hug. "Y-Yoru..?" I mumbled unsure but scared as I remembered what I had seen. I couldn't tell if it was a vision or a dream, as tears began to pour down my cheeks. I felt his strong arms around me tighten slightly as he held me more. I could hear Yoru's voice as he asked me what had happened and that he had seen a glimpse of it as well. My eyes widened in shock because no one had ever seen a vision I had even when they touched me. Biting my bottom lip I explained, "T-that was….a-a vision…t-that will…h-happen…" as my voice cracked and Yoru only held me closer before Rima and Nagi suddenly arrived in the room, just as Ikuto's phone rang and he stepped out of the room along with Amu. I wondered what was going on as Rima and Nagi looked at me with a worried expression. Nagi seemed angry but didn't say anything as he spoke up, "You may be Miki's boyfriend now but I won't let you off easy if you make her suffer like this. I will win her heart and steal her from you." I shook my head and spoke before Yoru, "No! He's not making me suffer Nagihiko, he's helped me with so much and a-a vision is what I had..." I trailed off as I saw Nagi bite his lip and slump his shoulders, "so I lost..." he mumbled as Yoru's hand soothed my back. I moved closer to him as a result, before I saw Amu and Ikuto enter the room again. Ikuto though had a stern expression as he spoke, "Yoru, Miki. There will be a party in a few days, you two are to attend and meet our family. It's a request from our father and Yoru, there is more but I have to tell you at home." Yoru nodded as he still held me in his arms.

As I calmed down, we all headed back to class as we all got a note from the nurse when she arrived. She had been surprised to see us all in here, but she understood what had happened, although she didn't like it she had written us all passes so we wouldn't get in trouble. Yoru and I held hands all the way to our classroom as I made sure my hat was still hiding my long hair, something Yoru had told me was unnecessary but I didn't want to get hurt again. I knew once I was at home I was all alone with Rika, who couldn't do much. Entering the classroom all eyes were on us and to my surprise we all had the same class. (A/N: Are they? I forget at times.. sorry. ^^") The professor really wasn't happy as he urged us to quickly take our seats as the class continued as if it was never disturbed which helped us settle in our seats. I kept thinking of a few things here and there until I saw a folded note on my desk. Curiously I opened the note and in it was Rima's hand writing, 'Did you know Nagi liked you?' shocked I quickly replied, 'no. I only ever saw him as a brother, but I thought you would end with him.' I looked around before passing the note back to her before having it thrown moments back only to hit me in the head. Confused I turned to look at Rima who was glaring at me and looked annoyed. I sighed and didn't know what to do as I noticed Nagi wasn't with us. 'Where is Nagi" I mouthed, she only shrugged and pouted as the bell rang.

"He left without telling us anything" Rima told me sadly as I hugged her, I didn't tell her two dreams I had but I hoped with all my heart that they would come true.

Normal Pov

Meanwhile everyone was leaving the school ground a mysterious figure was watching outside the school entrance. Hiding their features with a pair of black sunglasses and a hat that hid their hair as they watched the students walk out of the school many in groups others by themselves. Once spotting a particular individual, the mysterious person licked their lips as they felt the adrenaline course through their veins. It seemed as they enjoyed finding new prey, but instead of alerting their prey they turned and left the premises, as they somehow blended in with the students leaving school. In a blink of an eye it would seem that there was no such stranger to begin with. Miki, Yoru, Amu, Ikuto, and Rima exited the school together only to promise to meet up later if they could to plan what to do. Miki, Amu and Rima seemed to have gotten along slightly as they spoke together with Amu holding her husband's hand as Miki held her boyfriends. Rima on the other hand smiled a bitter fake smile to hide her pain, a pain that a certain purple haired boy had caused and hadn't been in class at all. Not even for the last class was he seen by the group, which had the petite blond worried to no end. She did think at one point it had been her fault but it had also been the first time the girl had spoken her mind to the boy she loved dearly since she was a child. Of course she knew she had been rejected but it didn't stop the love she felt for the plum haired young man.

As the group split up heading to their homes as they left the school campus, Yoru had decided to take Miki home. Much to Miki's fear that she would be seen by her family but Yoru being the stubborn one wouldn't want to let her walk alone, especially after the glimpse he had seen of a vision. It was one thing that was eating him alive even if it didn't show. Walking her half-way they departed with a kiss before promising to meet each other later. Meanwhile in the shadows a figure watched the two and let out a dark chuckle, the figure went unnoticed by the couple as their stalker was planning something for both of them. What it might be no one would know or suspect of anything as the future was still uncertain and changeable based on the choices they choose. One false step could have them willowing in a pitfall of regret, if their step is true they would be given a world of love and happiness.

Will their choices cause their happiness or downfall? Will they be able to make it or will they give up half-way through their resolve?

(A/N: While you think of these…the cross family..)

In a big corporation building, one of the tallest where if you looked up you could see the dark stained glass up high. In silver letters you could see the name of the corporation read 'Cross Corporation' in the middle of the two words is a black cross that ends up being used as a Logo for the company. On the top floor at the northern part of the building is a man in his late thirties maybe early forties that had his arms crossed behind his back. As he looked at the view of the sky, sun and city itself his gaze was very stern as he had heard the reply to his somewhat threat to a partner company that had suddenly arrived and was rapidly gaining attention from the corporate world. As well as the consumers that were fans of the president and his two sons, the Tsukiyomi family as Easter Corporation was very strong. A very strong opponent that was the first to oppose his will and wants. Mr. Cross with his dark brown hair and blue eyes were filled with anger, anger that they had turned down his warning of his daughter Miki, or rather the monster he called his daughter. Sighing he placed a hand on his forehead as he bit his bottom lip hard, "That bitch will pay for having defied my words. As they will see what will happen if I am still opposed" he spoke in a dark and menacing tone that no one around him heard as he was alone in his office. A gentle knock snapped him out of his anger as it was masked with a emotionless and professional look. Licking his lips of the blood as his secretary a petite woman in a black suit entered his office to tell him his schedule, as he had finished his work five hours ahead of schedule. Something he would do only when he felt like getting answers from the monster living in his home.

Taking his cell phone out Mr. Cross dialed a number and placed it to his ear. As his secretary left the room the man smiled a dark and evil smile. As his phone kept ringing there was in the end no answer, looking at his phone once again he called the number he had dialed. Again placing it in his ear he waited, one ring then the second before someone picked up, "Hello?" an adolescent voice replied eagerly.

Yoru: That was shorter than I thought it would be.. :/

Yuji: *shrugs* I can't help it I was already more than 6 months late to update.. be grateful Yoru-nii.

Miki: Please don't forget to read and review! *is hoping for a date*

Ikuto: *smirks* I know me and Amu will win.

Nagihiko: I doubt that.

*The two glare at each other as another fight is about to fight*

Yuji: -_-.. Let the readers decide! I hope enjoyed this chapter!

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