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Fiery Bridget's Character Updates

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Fiery Bridget's Character Updates Empty Fiery Bridget's Character Updates

Post by Fiery Bridget on Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:13 pm

Character Update:
Unique Info: Any info you may want to include when posted if none put N/A
Link to OC Sheet:

Character Info
Character's Name: Bridget Fayette Ilona
Age: 190
Gender: Female
Race: Fire Fairy
Bloodline: Fairy
User Type: Magic
True Form:
Fiery Bridget's Character Updates RedHearts
Human Guise:
Fiery Bridget's Character Updates 7829
Height: 4” (small form) 5’0” (human form)
Weight: 1 lb (small form) 100 lbs (human form)
Eyes: Black as Coal.
Hair: Long jet black hair that is kept in pigtails and rest at thighs, that if allowed down would rest at her calves.
Body Type: Slim with a slight hourglass figure.
Personality: As a fire fairy, Bridget is passionate in all that she does and always puts her all into her activities. Though she is prideful and feisty due to her race, she is cheerful and flirty sometimes, always looking for a good time when not in a bad mood. At times she can seem tactless and opinionated when it comes to seeing what is right and wrong; she is always honest and blunt as well, making her seem a bit uncaring but that isn’t always so. Being sharp and intuitive, she has a knack for reading people; it’s hard to pull the wool over one’s eyes when fire burns it. You would not want to run into her on a bad day, then again, she can be a sassy hothead.
Extra Info: She can be seen with hordes of butterflies and will only be out during the sunlight. She also has a slight Scottish-Gaelic accent that is more evident when she's more angered.  
Origins: Bishamonten Plains North, Chitose Kingdom
Current Kingdom: Sumeru Hills, Chitose Kingdom
The Background
Bridget's Bio:
Born from a small premature flame that was due to a still hot wick of a candle in an elderly human’s cottage relighting. The fire fairy born from that flame grew up as a house fairy,and being shown by other fairies what must be done. She was happy to be of help to the human, and he in kind, was respectful as a caretaker of the little folk. Bridget was not one to sit still though, she explored from time to time and often found herself in trouble from the other house fairies. This was always made better when talking with the human mage though. And seemed to be the favored one as well as the smallest.

As the seasons passed, the elderly mortal who turned out to be a mage of sorts, grew older but never seemed scared; he was a warmhearted old soul with a young sense of humor. Bridget's skin wasn't hard to get under, but she always forgave the human after she would throw a fit. And she kept him warm by the hearth most nights, until the elderly human who told her stories of his past. On her fourth spring, he gave her a dagger as a present that would not melt and taught her to dance in her human guise. He was sick though as she knew, and had passed away on the fifth morning of her fifth spring. It was a sad morning for the young fairy as she had never witnessed death or the expelling of one’s life. The other house fairies had left to find other houses to reside in. With the human’s death and in watching other humans bury the mortal's body the next morning, she learned that everything comes to an end, especially mortals and must return it's life to the earth. That being learned, she vowed she would not let her flame burnout so easily.

So, being free of the human and its house, she looked for a new home in the small village not far from where the old man lived. Though she was saddened, she knew that the man would no longer be in pain nor lonely. She was also free from serving anyone, no longer being a house fairy. With that in mind, the fairy set off to find a new home, which she found after a four years travel through the grasses and past the north plains, all the way to the Sumeru Hills. It was hardly an easy journey though, as she had to face creatures larger than herself, raining water and harsh winds; the fairy hunters were the worst though. It is there in the hills that she makes her home, being sure to visit the cities from time to time in a human guise for supplies and work at the small bakeries. Though over the years, the little fairy had learned much and still kept up her spirit. From time to time, she is an entertainer in the shopping district, a fire dancer and a help to store owners if she feels it is deserved. Her home in the hills or more so, inside them, in the tunnels, she will sometimes scare people away for they are unwanted when disturbing her home but will never harm one physically.
Skills and Abilities
Standard Skills:
• N/A
Techniques: N/A
Unique Abilities:
Major: Pyrokinesis – Being a fire fairy, Bridget possesses the gift and natural ability to control and manipulate and consume fire because of this innate ability Bridget became even more powerful taking it even further than before.
Pyrokinesis Description:
The capability of controlling and absorbing of fire that she is hit with. Bridget's body also generates its own supply of heat energy which grants her even greater abilities to change that heat energy into physical energy if she wants.

1. She is unaffected by any form of Fire attacks thanks to being of the Fire Fairy race even out side her true form and when any flame hit her body naturally absorbs the heat energy produced seeming as if the flame just goes out or releases it as she wishes or converting it into physical energy.
Absorbing Heat Energy - Turn into physical energy.
E-Ranked - 1 point of Physical energy
D-Ranked - 2 points of Physical energy
C-Ranked - 4 points of Physical energy
B-Ranked - 6 points of Physical energy
A-Ranked - 8 points of Physical energy
S-Ranked - 10 points of Physical energy
SS-Ranked - 12 points of Physical energy

Releasing Heat Energy - Physical contact required.
E-Ranked - 1 point of Heat damage
D-Ranked - 4 points of Heat damage
C-Ranked - 8 points of Heat damage
B-Ranked - 12 points of Heat damage
A-Ranked - 16 points of Heat damage
S-Ranked - 20 points of Heat damage
SS-Ranked - 24 points of Heat damage

2. Even while not in fire form she can control and manipulate any basic flame and any fire like magic’s of B rank and below, but while in fire form can control and manipulate fire magic’s of S rank and below.

3. Bridget naturally generates immense amount of heat inside her body giving her weapons, even her own hands, a slight hint of heat as well, if she wishes, giving a plus 2 of heat damage.

4. Learning fire based techniques is natural to Bridget as it runs through her veins and because of that Techniques of fire nature costs less than normal.
Fire Technique Costs
SS Rank - 118 Points
S Rank - 58 Points
A Rank - 28 Points
B Rank - 12 Points
C Rank - 6 Points
D Rank - 3 Points
E Rank - 1 Point
Major: Burning Light - While in the the light of a burning flame, besides her own, Bridget's power increases Constitution/Stamina, Speed and Dexterity by 2 for 6 posts; even the sun during certain times gives off this power; only during midday when the sun is at its hottest point.
Minor: Weapon, dagger
Major: Pyrokinesis - Bridget is completely incapable of using any other magic besides Element-based ones; even though she can use elemental magics she cannot use an element that does not have a hint of fire in it for example she can't use water by itself, but with the use of fire and heat she is capable of using steam like magics. Even though she is capable of doing this it is still more difficult to learn to do thanks to her natural affinity to fire. Even though she can create her own fire she cannot use her own fire to replenish her physical energy.
Pyrokinesis Weakness:
Since she is mostly adept at using fire magics, other Elemental magics are harder or nearly impossible to use and to learn. Learning and using fire-like elemental based techniques it is harder for Bridget to use and learn these techniques and because of this it costs more points to learn and to use.

Purchase Points to Learn
SS Rank - 135 Points
S Rank - 70 Points
A Rank - 37 Points
B Rank - 20 Points
C Rank - 11 Points
D Rank - 6 Points
E Rank - 3 Point

Energy Costs
SS Rank - 135 Points
S Rank - 70 Points
A Rank - 37 Points
B Rank - 20 Points
C Rank - 11 Points
D Rank - 6 Points
E Rank - 3 Point
Major: Burning Light - Since this can only be used in a light from a flame besides her own or during Midday, events that could happen are unpredictable, it is possible that she could cause trouble depending on her mood while in the burning light. If in a good mood and "Burning Light" takes effect after the six posts, the next four posts she can only move at a speed and use strength that is not draining to her. Now, if she is in a bad mood like when "Bad Temper" comes into effect after the six posts the next six posts she can only move at a speed and use strength that is not draining to her and loses two meters to her perception.
Minor: Bad Temper – Quick to anger due to her passionate and fiery personality, Bridget suffers with the loss of the use of her dexterity for her next attack or defense.
Minor: Can’t Lie – Being of the Fairy bloodline, she can never tell a lie, but she can speak in riddles and such.
Constitution/Stamina: 9 l +2 l -1 = 10
Dexterity: 3 l +3 = 6
Speed: 3 l +1 = 4
Strength: 3 l -1 = 2
Intelligence: 7 l -2 = 5
Wisdom: 8 l +1 l -2 = 7
Role-play Sample:

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Fiery Bridget
Fiery Bridget

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Fiery Bridget's Character Updates Empty Re: Fiery Bridget's Character Updates

Post by Fiery Bridget on Sun Nov 03, 2013 4:21 pm

Character Update: 3 Stat Points -
+1 Intelligence
+2 Wisdom
Unique Info: Gender Game Prize
Fiery Bridget
Fiery Bridget

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Fiery Bridget's Character Updates Empty Re: Fiery Bridget's Character Updates

Post by Lady Mictian on Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:26 pm

Fiery Bridget's Character Updates AevalApproved001_zpse170da9f
Lady Mictian
Lady Mictian

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Fiery Bridget's Character Updates Empty Re: Fiery Bridget's Character Updates

Post by Sponsored content

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