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Character Sheet Template

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Character Sheet Template Empty Character Sheet Template

Post by Kon on Thu Sep 20, 2012 6:37 pm

Character Registration Sheet
All Characters need two staff members approval to be fully approved. If a staff member finds something wrong after approval they can unapproved the app as needed so that it can be re-evaluated and get approved once again.
Character Info
Character's Name:  This is where you will place your characters name.
Age:  This will be the set age of your character.
Gender: This will be the set gender such as male or female.
Race: This will be the set race of your character possibly giving your character special abilities, strengths, or even weaknesses.
Bloodline: This is the bloodline of your character meaning you have some traces of a specific race in you giving you some slight abilities, strengths or weaknesses.
User Type: This is where you will place what type of user your character will be.
Height: This is the height of your character.
Weight: This is the weight of your character.
Eyes: This is the eye color of your character.
Hair: This is the length and hair color of your character.
Body Type: This is the body type of your character, such as slim, fat, thin, Muscular etc.
Personality: This the description of your characters personality the older the character the more set and defined their personality may be.
Extra Info:  (Optional) This is an optional section that you may want to put about your character that is not in any other  part of the character sheet.
Origins: This is where your character was originally born or even grew up in.
Current Kingdom: This is where your character will currently reside in and will be the starting place of your character.
The Background
History: This will be where you will write the history of your character up to date if possible.
Skills and Abilities
Standard  Skills: These are skills anyone can learn and train to enhance their characters standard abilities.
Techniques: These are more advanced skills that are normally unique to the character and are custom made by the characters creator or had been taught or given permission to learn.
Unique Abilities: These are unique  abilities that are unique to the character which are classified as Major or Minor.
Major: A major ability unique to your character that adds almost an abnormal ability.
Minor: A minor ability that is also unique to the character, but is also common and does not add to much.
Weaknesses: These are unique weaknesses to your character that normally balance out your character accordingly to the characters Unique Abilities.
Major: A major weakness made to offset your characters major unique abilities to maintain balance with the character.
Minor: A minor weakness made to offset your characters minor unique abilities to maintain balance with the character.
Stats: Every one starts out with 30 stat points to place where ever they would like too.
Constitution/Stamina: This is your characters over all physical ability to do things as well as taking and resisting damage. This stat helps determine how much health your character has as well as determines how much your character can do and take.
Dexterity: This is your characters ability to move determining how well you move and the amount of control your character has over their movements.
Speed: This is your characters speed determining how fast your character can actually move and determining how fast ones attacks and even defense may be.
Strength: This is your characters over all physical strength determining how powerful an attack can be and determine how much your character can lift.
Intelligence: This is your characters over all intelligence this determines how well and how quick they may learn things such as skills and techniques.
Wisdom: This is you characters over all awareness and knowledge of what is right and what may need to be done. This also gives your character a kind of a precognition inside and outside of battle.
Role-play Sample:  (Optional) This is to range your actual RP ability. This is not necessary if you do not want to do it.

Character Registration Sheet Code:

[size=16][b]Character Registration Sheet[/b][/size]
[size=14][color=cyan][b]Character Info[/b][/color][/size]
[b]Character's Name:[/b]
[b]User Type:[/b]
• [b]Height:[/b]
• [b]Weight:[/b]
• [b]Eyes:[/b]
• [b]Hair:[/b]
• [b]Body Type:[/b]
[b]Extra Info:[/b] (Optional)
[b]Current Kingdom:[/b]
[size=14][color=cyan][b]The Background[/b][/color][/size]
[size=14][color=cyan][b]Skills and Abilities[/b][/color][/size]
[b]Standard  Skills:[/b]
[b]Unique Abilities:[/b]
• [b]Major:[/b]
• [b]Minor:[/b]
• [b]Major:[/b]
• [b]Minor:[/b]
• [b]Constitution/Stamina:[/b]
• [b]Dexterity:[/b]
• [b]Speed:[/b]
• [b]Strength:[/b]
• [b]Intelligence:[/b]
• [b]Wisdom:[/b]
[b]Role-play Sample:[/b] (Optional)

Created by AU Founder
Property of Anime Universe.
© All Rights Reserved.

Character Sheet Template 80x15

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Character sheet
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Character Sheet Template Empty Re: Character Sheet Template

Post by Kon on Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:58 pm

Example of an Approved Application

Character Registration Sheet
Character Info
Character's Name: Micheal Kondanzai
Age: Unknown (Appearance 19)
Gender: Male
Race: Fallen Angel
Bloodline: Fallen Angel
User Type: Adept User (Physical and Magic)
Height: 172cm
Weight: 67kg
Eyes: Golden Brown
Hair: White
Body Type: Athletic
On the surface Michael seems like a normal human being, yet in all reality he is a fallen angel. He seems to be distant from people not becoming emotionally attached, as well as showing a lack of emotions all together. To most he can seem stubburn and distant for the fact he does not befriend easily keeping to himself pushing people away. He does this on his own accord to protect himself from any emotions he may feel from time to time. Michael maintains a certain solitude persona about himself, but in all reality he is just needing a friend like he once had.

Michael is a calm and collected person no matter the circumstances. He tends to be a very calcuated person showing a very percise way of speech, as though he looks at things and determines how they are in a very mathmatical and logical manner. Michael speechs as though he has been around for a long period of time making him seem like a man with a very old sould. In fact he is a very old person once being an Angel and now being one of the fallen. When he does speak his tone is that of an emotionless general, speaking to his milia. In all though Micheal is a very calculated person leaving nothing to chance and always planning things out calculating what would be best to do.

Michael's will is unbreakable, he will always be there for his friends and will never abandon a friend even if his life depends on it. His word is his way and if he says he is going to do something he will more than likely complete the task at hand. If he does not he doesn't do it for the fact he gave up, but it is beyond his abilities to do so. Even if so Michael will do what he can to succeed in his task at hand.

Extra Info:
Origins: Heavens Salvation
Current Kingdom: Futami Kindom
The Background
Micheal Kondanzai:
One of Heaven’s Salvation's strongest of angels gained one of the most difficult missions ever assigned to an angel. This mission was one that only the strongest of angels took on since the amount of time it took to complete such a mission was at a minimum of one year. Being away from Heavens Salvation to an angel can be pure torture, but sometimes it has to be done no matter what the reason. Michael the leader of the Guardian Angel Core was summoned by the Seven Angels Council to take on such a mission. This was no surprise for Michael taken on many missions similar to this, but there was something different from this mission than all the others. Michael was briefed about the mission and in understanding that this would be more difficult for him to take on. The mission was a covert mission where he would go in and take on the normal appearance as an average human like any other. Most missions required an angel to go in and protect a specific human that had the possibility to be one of greatest of goods to influence the world. Well this time he was briefed that is was said that this man could be one of the greatest of goods to ever see the world this century or to be the most powerful evil force that had been seen by mankind.

Michael knew that this mission was most definitely different than any other one just by the learning about his new charge. Michael understood what his job was to do on this mission and he knew that if worse comes to worse that he would need to kill his charge. This was to avoid that single evil act that could influence him to become that evil being he could be if he had his chance. Michael took on this mission knowing that this man right now was already heading down a bad track and that he would need to change it. With that Michael left Heavens Salvation to take on his big mission as a true Guardian angel, heading to his new charge as an average human instead of an Angel sent to protect its charge.

Michael had left Heavens Salvation to go to the place of where his charge was at and in doing so was taking his first real steps towards his goal. Michael spent several days in the city getting to know things and learn about his charge keeping near, but not quite yet getting into his life quite yet. What had made him reveal himself to his charge is in the mitts of the city a gang fight broke out and his charge was right in the middle of it being a part of one of the opposing gangs. The fight began to get worse as people began to kill each other and at this point Michael knew he needed to step in. Michael's charge was cornered and was about to be stabbed by one of the other gang members and in a flash he disarmed the man and knocked him to the ground. Michael's charge could not believe his eyes some man he did not know stepping in to help him out. This was the first time he had seen such pure kindness. Before anything else could happen police began to show up and both gangs began to scatter. Michael knew that this kind of thing would be bad if his charge got caught so Michael figured it would be best to get him out of there.

Michael immediately yelled at his charge to follow him and with that he began moving at a normal persons speed so that his charge could follow. His charge reacted just as fast as Michael spoke those last couple of words and with that he and his charge were on the run. A couple of cops followed them and once they turned a corner Michael grabbed his charge pushing him back telling him to keep going he will catch up. The moment the cops turned the corner Michael came out and knocked the first cop out with one single punch. The other cop immediately drew his weapon trying to defend himself and with that Michael moved at extraordinary speed and disarmed him as he did the other man before. With another quick movement he knocked the cop to the ground knocking him unconscious from the impact to the ground.

Michaels charge keep going not looking back for a while until he ran as far as he could go stopping only to catch his breath. The moment he looked up from catching his breath Michael was right there in front of him already caught up. His charged freaked out the moment he saw him not thinking he was going to see him because of the cops. His charge immediately asked, “What happened to the cops?” Michael simply replied that he had gotten rid of them and then quickly caught up. His charge was obviously surprised knowing that he was running all out and this man just caught up to him with little effort it would seem.

Once his charged caught his breath he asked Michael his name and without a thought in his head Michael said that his name was Kon. With that his charge said that his name was Kai introducing themselves to each other. This was a first for Michael learning his charges name and meeting them in person. This was normally taboo in a mission, but Michael didn’t really have much of a choice.

Kai began asking many questions about Michael and he answered to the best ability telling him all kinds of things. Michael explained to him, he wasn’t a part of any gang just saw that he needed help and so he did. Kai had never saw such kindness and said that they should hang out more often and he should join up with the gang he was in. Michael knew that joining a gang could be a bad thing, but it could help him influence Kai to do the right thing. So without another thought Michael joined up with Kai and the gang with his own interests in mind.

After time passed Michael learned that the gang was more of a group of vigilantes trying to help the people of Futami. The gang was stealing from other gangs that had took from the people giving it back as needed because of this they were one of the most hated gangs out there. Michael saw that this was more of a good cause, but some of their actions were bad and not totally needed. So with that he decided Kai and himself would take the gang over and change it for the better.

Time went by and Michael began to train Kai in the art of combat and even teaching him how to use his inner power. Michael had learned quickly that Kai’s inner power was a magical just like his own inner power. With that Michael trained him specifically to use similar magic to his own teaching him the skills in pact magic. Michael showed him the simplest of pact magic, which was making pacts with inanimate objects to merely summon them to you even if you don’t have it own you. Michael made sure to teach him that this was only used in dire need and was only to be used to defend himself.

Kai and Michael did well together teaching each other and rising in the ranks of the gang slowly, but surely. They began changing it making rules that had to be followed, such as never starting a fight or agreeing to never take a life no matter the circumstances. The gang became a light in the kingdom and began to over through many of the other gangs in the kingdom and making life better for all. Michael was watching over Kai seeing that he was become that great man as predicted and becoming stronger with every day.

10 years had passed and Kai had fully taken over the gang as their leader with Michael at his side watching over him. Michael did not understand one thing though normally by now he would have been called back leading his charge down the right path, but he heard nothing from the council. Michael decided with things going well and Kai very capable of protecting himself from any normal man would head back to Heaven’s Salvation to see what was going on.

While Michael returned to Heaven’s Salvation a rival gang had heard that he had left and being one of Kai’s gangs main leaders would be weaker and not ready for a surprise attack and try to take over. In just a few short days the rival gang began infiltrating the gang and getting into its most inner workings. Michael had only left for a short amount of time, but things had started to look like they were going to get bad really fast if Michael did not return soon.

After several days Michael had finally made it back to Heaven’s Salvation to speak about his mission. Michael took no time in confronting the council asking questions and to why he had not been notified why he had not been called back yet. The council informed him that he had done a good job so far, but there could have still been outside influences that could turn his charge toward the evil side. The council had told him with his influence around that his charge Kai was doing well, but had no idea what would happen with him gone like he was then. The council revealed a screen of what was currently going on and showed Michael that a rival gang was about to attack and this would be a perfect chance to see what Michael had taught his charge truly sunk in. Michael was surprised about these actions the council had decided and spoke out stating that he needed to return and before another word could be said two of the council members much faster and stronger than Michael grabbed a hold of him making sure he couldn't go anywhere. The council instructed he had to watch to see what was going to happen.
After a short amount of time an all out war broke out in the mitts of Kai’s gang’s territory. Michael knew this was not good, but there was nothing he could do but watch and the entire time it was just a viewing of Kai seeing all that he was going to do. More time passed and it looked like Kai was doing well without Michael there and in a way Michael was very proud of Kai. The council was almost reassured that Michael was no longer needed and that his charge would be heading down the right path. None of the gang members had killed a single person and turned over the rival gang members over to the cops. It looked like it was going to be a good day until a group of the rival gang came out and attacked Kai directly. Kai began fighting them doing well against them not even drawing a single weapon until one caught him off guard. As the man came to stab him with his blade Kai pact summoned a weapon to him to block the blade with one of his own. The man was shocked and surprised and with that Kai began to really start to fight with the man, but to Kai’s surprise the man keep par with him. Kai had never fought someone at this level before except for Michael. The fight was a tough one for Kai, but he had the upper hand most the time, but he feared he could not stop the man without killing him breaking one of the gangs strictest of rules. Until Kai saw an opening that he could take advantage of and injure the man without killing him. This would take some time the fight began to head into the public’s eyes seeing Kai the leader of the gang fighting one of the rival’s gang members. As they fought a young girl sister to the rival gang member actually; the girl watched in horror and ran to try and stop the fight. The opening Kai had been waiting for finally revealed itself once again and Kai took advantage of it by summoning a second blade with a longer blade aiming to strike the man in his shoulder. At that moment the girl stepped in between taking the hit, but instead of hitting the man’s shoulder he accidently stabbed the girl right through her heart. The man could not believe this and began to be infuriated began attacking with more power and skill as if he had been holding back before. Kai at this point was truly fighting for his life.

With Kai, Michael’s charge, taking an innocents life the council ordered the current angels that were on site to eliminate Michaels charge. Hearing the council order the angels to kill Kai made Michael go ballistic knowing that it was merely an accident that this happened. Michael demanded that the council think about this that it was an accident and the council stated that such a risk was not going to be taken. Michael began to fight the Angels holding him down trying to break free with all his might. Even though Michael was one of the strongest Angels and the leader of the Angels Guardian core he was no match for two council members. Even so Michael continued to struggle calling on all the strength that he had; as he watched the screen and struggled he saw that the Angels were there and aiming to eliminate Kai. At that very moment Michael unleashed a power that had not been seen, but once by the angel Ahava. Michael's wings revealed themselves and began to turn black almost dark as night and his hair did the same as his strength increased even greater than the opposing angels. Michael broke free of the Angels moving away from them at even greater speeds than he had moved at before. The Council could not believe an Angel of his class would ever do such a thing, but even so the angel’s council reacted and got in between him the doors to leave. Michael had only one choice in order to save Kai’s life for the time being. So Michael removed the bandage on his shoulder revealing a powerful Pact Magic Seal on his shoulder.

At that very moment Kai saw the Angels beginning to attack him and knew he was in trouble and he was not prepared for such a thing. As he defended against the gang member the Angels came in and joined the fight now taking on two angels and the opposing gang member. Kai knew he was going to die and accepted this and closed his eyes ready for what was about to happen.

Once his shoulder was revealed Michael grabbed his shoulder activating the magic within it and doing so tore open a rift in time and space bring Kai to him. Kai had appeared in a bolt of lightning right next to Michael on his right side, the same side that Michael had the seal. Kai could not believe it he was still alive, but how he thought looking around him seeing multiple Angels all around him. Kai was more surprised to see an Angel with black wings as if he was the reaper himself ready to take him to the after-life standing beside him. Michael turned and looked at Kai with a dark look in his eyes, but also a look of relief. Kai looking back at Michael realized that this Angel standing next to him was actually Kai, being reassured it was him seeing the seal Michael and him made so that Michael could summon him whenever he may be needed. Michael then spoke to Kai, “I am sorry for bringing you here to such a place, but I had no choice and now you are in front of the Angels that ordered for you to be eliminated.” Michael sighed lightly knowing what would happen next. “We have no choice we will have to fight against these Angels in order to live so you will have to use everything I have taught you.” Michael said to Kai to brief him on what needed to be done. Kai nodded in understanding as he pact summoned his most powerful of twin blades ready to take on the Angels.

The Angels Council knew that now they had to take on the mission to eliminate this human and also eliminate the Guardian Angel, Michael, the Angel that has defied the council and saved this man from the Angels Judgment. The Angels prepared themselves as the tension in the air began to thicken and the battle before threatened the very order of the Angels. In that very moment the Archangel Ahava made the first move knowing that she had the power to challenge Michaels new found power. Ahava stood there with her wings so large and powerful, but what made Ahava stick out more than the rest was the fact her wings were black as night like Michael's were now. With that Ahava attacked Michael with no warning, moving faster than any angel Michael had ever seen. With one swift Movement Ahava swung her weapon the very same weapon as the reaper himself once used, the Scythe. Michael then held out his hands in front of him as if he was lifting something heavy. All the sudden lighting appeared between his hands the moment Ahava’s attack would have landed right between his hands yet what laid in Michael's hand was a giant greatsword nearly the same length as Michael's very own height. Ahava’s eyes began to widen as she was surprised to see Michael block her attack with ease. Michael’s new found power was far greater than she had expected and Ahava knew that this was not good. With that Ahava looked towards the council and announced, “We have to all fight at once Michael’s power far exceeds my own.” Ahava then looked back and Michael was gone in the mere blink of an eye it would seem.
Michael then appeared by Kai saying to him that he needed to keep his guard up and that he had his permission use his full abilities. The Council did not know it, but Michael trained Kai himself making him even stronger than any Angel he trained before him. Even if that is true Kai is no match for the council members for the fact each of them is an archangel. Archangels are the most powerful of angel; it is normally a title one gains when becoming one of the Seven Angels Council members.

All the sudden each council member came in to fight the two of them Kai fighting two out of the seven members leaving Michael the final five to him. Michael did not know the full extent of his current power he had gained, but he knew he had to use all of it to fight off the archangels. With that Michael pact summoned another Greatsword to his hand ready to fight off the Angels with all his might.

The battle roared on for quite a while with neither side holding up, but even with that Michael's strength began to weaken. Even so the Archangels became weary themselves and knew that they would not be able to keep this up for much longer. Ahava wanting to end this went in at her fastest pace at Michael for an attack and as she came in nearly at attacking range she used a technique she was holding back the entire time. In just an instance when Michael was ready to counter Ahava blurred out of site using her special ability to move like an assassin in the dark, she for this. With that Michael tried to yell out to Kai to watch out, but before the words could even leave his lips Kai had been struck down by a fatal blow. Michael then through his swords as a distraction at the Angels knowing they did not stand a chance with such an attack. The angels had to move out of the way taking their eyes off of Michael to save themselves. With that Michael moved at even greater speeds thanks to no longer carrying such heavy weapons, grabbing Kai and using his own special abilities moving out of the room with Kai without being seen by anyone or being able to be followed.

Then with that Michael flew away with Kai in his arms dying from his wounds heading back to Futami knowing that he could hide there. Before Michael could reach the city where Kai was from, Kai had told Michael to land so he could speak to him. Michael nodded in understanding and landed while laying Kai on the ground. Kai then said to him, “I always thought you were like a guardian angel for saving me the day we first met, but I never expected you to actually be a real angel.” Kai began to cough with trace amounts of bloods coming out. “I am glad to finally know your real name Michael, I am sorry that this had to…” With that Kai fell back lifeless dropping his blades to the ground, with Michael staying by his side.

All the sudden rain befell the entire area falling over Michael and Kai as if the heavens themselves were crying for such a tragedy had happened. With that Michael buried Kai where he died pact summing the very weapon Michael got to be Kai’s strongest of weapons. Michael then placed the sword into the ground making it a grave marker for Kai and in the hilt of the blade in scribed was “Kai brother of Kon.” As Michael looked down on to the grave he could feel all his power began to leave him as he dropped down to his knees. While Michael stayed there his wings began to break off as the wind blew it began to take away his feathers piece by piece leaving nothing behind. Michael was no longer a true Angel, but a Fallen Angel cursed to never return to his former home and to never fly again.
Skills and Abilities
Standard Skills: N/A
Techniques: N/A
Unique Abilities:
Major: Dark Angel's Birth - Grows new wings and can fly like a normal Angel, gains equal strength and speed as his opponent if not already equal and gains an additional ten over that. Lasts for only ten posts.
Dark Angel's Birth Description:
A pair of wings will grow directly from Michael's back and feathers will fade into existence as if by magic. Once they are grown back Michael's hair will slowly turn black and he will have the capability to fly once again and regain momentarily regain his angel like strength and speed.
Minor: Minor Weapon, Short Sword.
Minor: Minor Weapon, Short Sword.
Major: Dark Angel's Birth - Once wings grows back Michael will loose 5 points of damage. After the ten posts Michael will loose all bonuses only able to move at speed that is not draining and can only use a strength of 1; this lasts for ten posts.
Dark Angel's Birth Description:
Once the rebirth is finished with the wings feathers will break off and disintegrating into the wind; while the wing span will begin to fade away and disintegrating like the feathers leaving behind a thin layer of black smoke as it does.
Minor: Weapons Maintenance, looses five gold every Friday from his normal earnings.
Minor: Weapons Maintenance, looses five gold every Friday from his normal earnings.
Constitution/Stamina: 4 -2
Dexterity: 3
Speed: 4
Strength: 2 +1
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 5 +1
Role-play Sample:
RP Sample "Jaden:
Jaden saw that Aiko began to cry once he mentioned the raid on the Yuki clan showing him that he had hit a soft spot in Aiko’s emotions. She continued to cry for a moment as she covered her mouth trying to not let out her pain it brought her. After a few more moments she calmed down removing her hands from her mouth finally ready to speak. She would begin to tell him that it was because of the raid, but in a manner of fact it was not a raid at all. The once thought to be raid was actually a specifically designated attack on the Yuki clan. Jaden couldn’t believe it the raid was actually an attack upon the Yuki clan. It was a moment of silence as neither of them said anything, but with Aiko’s strength she continued on telling more revealing that the surviving members were placed into hiding and if not they were more than likely killed. Jaden nodded in understanding of this and took a moment to actually take it all in.

Jaden would look upon Aiko and say to her, “So this explains the alias and the hiding of your Kekkei Genkai.” Jaden would stand there and take it on a bit more before he would continue to speak. “I am guessing the Mizukage set this up for you and is now a village secret that you are still her.” Jaden would sigh after saying that for a moment realizing now knowing this he is more than likely going to need to keep this secret and protect her as much as he can. Jaden then nodded in understanding looking at Aiko once again saying to her, “Okay no worries I am her now. I will keep your secret and try to protect you just as the village has done for you.” Jaden would shake his head thinking to himself, ‘What have I gotten myself into; what a drag, but it is what’s right.’ Jaden looked at Aiko saying to her, “You need not to explain any more I understand.” Jaden would just then stand there and look around for a moment, “Okay why don’t we end this little tiff and start back up with our training.

Jaden then stepped back and began to focus his chakra as he did before placing his arms down holding them just out in front of him. Then he began to hold his hands out so that they were parallel to the water and as he continued to focus his chakra the water would begin to spin slowly turning as it did before, but in an extremely smaller size. Jaden then focused even more and in mere moments the water would burst forth in a mini cyclone of water. With that Jaden began to understand the water and was learning quickly how to properly control it. Jaden then would pull a single hand away keeping his concentration the small cyclone of water would weave a little bit as he did, but with the concentration he was easily able to keep the cyclone from breaking up. Jaden the looked up at Aiko saying to her, ”See my control of the water is a lot better than before and I will no longer be a threat of harm towards you.” Jaden would do a slight smile as he continued to maintain the water cyclone making it move side to side following his hand as he moved it. Jaden the would close his hand making the cyclone just stop in its tracks having the water just land on the ground.

Okay now that I got a basic understanding of nature transformation and shape transformation towards water.” Jaden would say, as he was ready to try to do a basic technique that is well known through out the village. Jaden would close his eyes and begin to focus using the surrounding water and mist in the area. Jaden would disperse his chakra out in all directions mixing it with the water and mist focusing it as well as he can. Jaden then moved one of his hands in front of his face pointing his index and middle finger straight up focusing all his chakra around him trying to shape it as well as change it into water using nature transformation. All the sudden as he began to focus even more the already existing mist would rise making the area around and in the pond begin to fade away into the mist. Jaden continued to focus and concentrate making the mist thicker, but not enough for him and Aiko’s view to be completely blurred. Jaden would then open his eyes and smile; he had done it, but not quiet to the level he wanted to do it. Jaden would then lower his hand ending what he had done making the mist fade back down to where it was before. Jaden would then say to Aiko, “Okay enough playing around we should train the nature transformation for water some more before we do anything else.” Jaden would look to Aiko waiting to see what she would say about what he was capable of doing and what she may want to do.

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